classic hummus on mediterranean mezze boardUse Hummus as a dip for pita bread and crudites as on the Epic Mediterranean Mezze Board, or spread on toast, grilled flatbread, or baked pizza piled with other vibrant vegetables, or as meditative therapy as prescribed below.

Recipe for Classic Hummus with Canned Chickpeas below, cooking Notes and ingredients Resources follow. If you’re more of a visual person, watch a short video of the making of the hummus here. [click to continue…]

mediterranean mezze board with hummus, tzatziki and other dips

Was going to spend the entire summer island-hopping around the Mediterranean on my superyacht but plans got derailed this year because of coronavirus and also because I don’t actually have my own superyacht.

Looks like an Epic Mediterranean Mezze Board at home is going to have to do. Unless you have a superyacht; in which case please DM me.

How to put together an epic Mediterranean Mezze Board, which is mostly a list of items for the board, and links to recipes or favorite store brands of the dips and spreads!

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Paletas vs Popsicles

Aren’t they the same thing? One is just the Spanish word for the same thing in American English? I thought they were both frozen fruity icy pops, but apparently, paletas and popsicles are very different.
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salmon puttanesca, in pan

Currently obsessed with Puttanesca, whether tossed with pasta, cooked with wild king salmon, spread onto flatbread, massaged into my temples… whatever. Puttanesca is always some ratio of garlic, anchovies, olives, and capers in tomatoes. This is a good starter recipe for Puttanesca, from which you can make adjustments to suit your taste. I almost always amp the garlic and anchovies. And the olives and capers. And the red pepper and salt. So in the end, I am basically making anchovy olive caper stew. It is delicious.

Recipe for SALMON PUTTANESCA below, cooking Notes and shopping Resources follow. [click to continue…]

lemon olive oil cake with fresh berries
A dead-easy, lemony Lemon Olive Oil Cake, which is one of like three things I actually bake because I can’t bake to save my loaf. In fact, the only other recipes for baked goods on this site are essentially variations on this Olive Oil Cake (links to those recipes included), and banana bread.

At some point I will bake an olive oil banana bread.

Recipe for LEMON OLIVE OIL CAKE below, cooking Notes and shopping Resources follow. You can watch a short video of my making the cake here. [click to continue…]

cauliflower parm parmesan - plated
No complicated three-step breading process. No messy, splatter-y stovetop deep-frying. Just melty mozzarella cheese, toasty panko breadcrumbs that stay crisp, and cauliflower instead of chicken.

Recipe for a perfect Cauliflower Parm below, cooking Notes and shopping Resources follow. [click to continue…]

green olive salsa verde on whole roasted salmon

Italian salsa verde, that potent mix of garlic, herbs, capers, and anchovies of which everyone has their own version, has become something of a “mother sauce” in this house. Mine is always heavy on the parsley, sometimes with baby spinach to add subtle volume, sometimes with arugula for a bitter bite, sometimes with basil for the faint familiarity of pesto.

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