31 Things You Must Eat and Drink Before Summer…Fades

31 things to eat and dirnk before summer fades

Let’s eat and drink 31 summery things before summer fades…
fresh blackberries

basil sprig and basil pesto

31 Things to Eat and Drink Before Summer Fades

  1. watermelon
  2. cherries
  3. black-, blue, rasp-, and strawberries
  4. plums
  5. peaches and nectarines
  6. corn
  7. okra
  8. tomatoes
  9. zucchini
  10. eggplant
  11. green goddess dressing
  12. fresh garden herb pesto
  13. gazpacho
  14. soupe au pistou
  15. naeng-myun
  16. cold soba
  17. summer rolls
  18. backyard BBQ ribs
  19. paht bing soo (shaved ice or sno-cones)
  20. funnel cake + deep fried fair foods
  21. ice cream made in two coffee cans
  22. campfire s’mores (bacon optional)
  23. clambake
  24. lobster roll (mini!)
  25. crab boil
  26. grilled salmon
  27. fish tacos
  28. rosé wine
  29. wine spritzer
  30. home cold brew iced coffee
  31. lemonade from a stand

an end note: I actually intended to make a “99” list, but in the end, only got as far as 78. Even then, I was reaching for foods and drinks that were quintessentially summer. Fresh fava beans? Green garbanzo beans? Strawberries even? I see those more as “Spring” things that just extend past their introductory season. And here in southern California, you could argue almost any food into our endless summer.

Strange, that even with a season that lasts until next February, we still feel the urgency of “the end.”

I edited the original list down to a number that had more of a ring to it than an awkward “78 Things to Eat and Drink…” There are 31 days in August so it works, but this in no way means I accept that summer is over once the earlier of either September or Labor Day hits.

Editing 78 things down to less than half is a wordy bitch’s worst nightmare, but I got there. These are a few of the “things” that didn’t make the cut, but they are in every way still summer to me (even if I don’t plan to actually eat a ballpark hot dog). If I left any off, please fill me in on the comments.

avocado. backyard burger. ballpark hot dogs. campari and soda. ceviche. fava beans. figs. green garbanzo beans. grilled shrimp. ice cream from an old school truck. Korean melon ice bars. margaritas. mojitos. mulberries. picnic potato salad. popsicles. sangria. shelling beans. zucchini blossoms.

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