800 Degrees Pizza, Westwood {restaurant}

800 degrees pizza[photo from instagram. follow: TheDelicious]

The “Order Along an Assembly Line” process is highly stressful to me, especially because you are thrown into the queue the moment you walk through the door, it’s not totally clear from the get-go “how it works,” and the place is loud and busy.

I feel undue pressure to make quick decisions, second- and even third-guess my choices, feel rushed along the line, have guilt when it’s obvious that making any changes disrupts the entire system, and feel anxious about having ordered without the security of a table already set.

I need to sit back in a semi-comfortable chair at a table. Sip half a glass of rosé while browsing a menu. Ask questions. Order. Ask more questions. Change my mind. Eat slowly. And always, linger at the table with another glass of wine.

{pictured above: Tartufo Pizza, custom anchovies, broccolini, olives, roasted garlic}

800 Degrees Pizza
10889 Lindbrook Dr
Los Angeles, CA 90024
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