94 Things to Eat, Drink, Do, and Wear for Each Day of Summer

Santa Monica Pier and Beach
There are 94 days of summer this year. Let’s eat, drink, do, and wear something summery every day. In no particular order…
harry's berries strawberries


01. Backyard BBQ Burgers
02. Birthday Cake
03. Watermelon Watermelon Cobb Salad, Watermelon Feta Watercress Salad with Green Olive Viniagrette
04. Potato Salad
05. Pasta Salad
06. Beachside Fish Tacos
07. Farmers’ Market Fresh Bibimbap
08. Sunday Funday Brunch, all day long. Or Saturday Faturday, whichever works.
09. Grilled Salmon
10. All-American Pie
11. Salad Every Day
12. Blackberries Buttermilk Pancakes with Blackberries
13. Blueberries
14. Raspberries
15. Strawberries Simple Strawberry Bread and Strawberry Buttermilk Banana Bread
16. Cherries
17. Nectarines and Peaches
18. Plums
19. Figs
20. Chia Seeds
21. Avocado
22. Tomatoes
23. Corn
24. Okra
25. Zucchini
26. Eggplant
27. Shell Beans
28. Homemade Pesto
29. Green Goddess Dressing
30. Gazpacho
31. Soupe au Pistou
32. Naeng-myun: Mul Naeng-Myun recipe!
33. Cold Soba
34. Summer Rolls
35. Backyard BBQ Ribs
36. Beer Can Grilled Chicken
37. Grilled Shrimp
38. Ceviche
39. Clambake or Crab Boil
40. Lobster Roll
41. Ballpark Hot Dogs
42. Funnel Cake
43. Shaved Ice/Sno-Cones/Pat Bing Soo
44. Ice Cream Made in Two Coffee Cans: Ok, maybe not make ice cream in coffee cans, but I can make coffee ice cream
45. Campfire S’mores
46. Ice Cream from a Truck
47. Popsicles (if you can find Korean Melona bars…)
48. Aïoli (the French “no cook” spread of aïoli served with vegetables and baguette)
49. Preserves You Make Yourself
50. Pickles You Make Yourself
51. Oysters, straight out of the ocean if possible
Aperol Spritz Cocktail


52. Rosé Wine
53. Lambrusco
54. Prosecco
55. Water
56. Cold Brew Coffee
57. Iced Tea
58. Lemonade from a Stand
59. Date Shake
60. Strawberry Almond Milk
61. Agua Fresca
62. Home Squozen Green Juice
63. Bellini with farmers’ market fresh white peach puree
64. Wine Spritzer
65. Tropical Fruit Frozen Blended Cocktails with Tiny Umbrellas
66. Beer with ginger ale or fruit in it
67. Mojitos
68. White Sangria
69. All of Those Refreshy Italian Bitters Cocktails like Negroni and Aperol Spritz!
beach, water's edge


70. Grow a Vegetable or Herb Garden
71. Watch World Cup Soccer: Belgian Waffle Breakfast Nachos for Belgium vs. USA!
72. Play Tennis. (ok, ok, watch tennis. twice.)
73. Celebrate Independence Day on July 4
74. Celebrate Bastille Day on July 14
75. Picnic at the Beach (Just kidding. Picnic in the backyard. Ok, maybe just in the dining room)
76. Hollywood Bowl
77. Backyard Movie Night/Drive-In
78. Rooftop Cocktail Party
79. Go to the County Fair
80. Go on a Road Trip and Eat Junky Road Trip Foods with No Guilt


81. Sunscreen. Every. Day.
82. Bare Nails. Or at the very least Nude Nails
83. French Manicure
84. Neon Mani/Pedi
85. New Flip Flops
86. Espadrilles
87. Cheap Sunglasses
88. Bikini
89. Cutoffs
90. Romper
91. Hats
92. Beach Tote
93. The Perfect Little White Dress
94. White Jeans


I’d be living in a fantasy world if I thought I could write a blog post about a different one of these every day of this summer, especially since we’re already a few days into the season. (I was browned out for the first few days after a rosé-soaked birthday afternoon by a pool on a rooftop overlooking Santa Monica — don’t ask, just see photo above.)

We’ve also seen how (un)successful I’ve been trying to write a 100 Posts in 100 Days, which, after successive post-less weeks, I had to downgrade to 40 Posts Before 40. Eventually, I just wanted to squeeze out one post. Can I just write one?! I did. One in 40. Chrise.

Clearly, posting daily, even weekly, is a pipe dream, especially since the whole point of this list is to do something this summer besides sit inside in front of a computer for 18 hours a day. So at the very least I am going to try to eat, drink, or do one of these 94 things each day (except eat grilled shrimp, to which I am allergic), whether I actually write something meaningful about it here.

And hell, if I drink a glass of rosé every day for 94 days, I’ll consider that winning summer.

(Do you want to do some of these things, too? Let me know. Maybe we can do some together! And let me know if I missed any…)

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  • bhsportsguy

    I remember those days of somewhat daily posts and exchanging comments which was the only way to communicate, good times.

  • DHo

    LOVE this. Let’s pick a day for all-day Sunday Funday, and, well, all-day Saturday Funday too.

  • sweetsociety

    Love this! I’m gonna try to eat, drink, do, and wear as many as these as I can.

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  • http://foodielouie.com/ Foodie Louie

    The old 100 posts in 100 days. If I had a failed website for every time I tried that. Wait. I do. Ten so far.

    Liked this on my Facebook page. Nice website.

  • Scott

    Is it too far-fetched to add a 95th under wear? “Nothing”… welcome to summer!

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