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sashimi salad at surah restaurant in buena park, ca
I suffer from ADD. I don’t know what internal or external factors make some days better than others, but it doesn’t really matter because most days, the ADD is just bad.

The research out there is divided when it comes to the cause of ADD. Some believe that external and environmental triggers are at the root, while others purport that ADD is a genetic disorder. If my family is any indication though, then ADD has got to be hereditary. My Mom just can’t seem to focus on one flavor, food, or meal, for that matter, for too long, and neither can I.

I have ADD. So does my Mom. Attention Deficit Dining runs in my family.

All the classic ADD symptoms were there for dinner on a Monday night – hyperactivity and restlessness, forgetfulness, poor impulse control, distractability, inattentiveness to external direction, and indecisiveness. I won’t go into the details of each of the individual symtoms. Those alone could be a post for another day. Or maybe I’ll explain them later tonight. Wait, what was I talking about again? See? ADD ;)

surah, buena park, ca - yook gae jahng (spicy Korean beef and green onion soup
hyperactive with korean red pepper

It’s enough to say that Mom and I were bored at her home and didn’t feel like cooking, even though we had taken out a few things from the freezer to defrost. We ended up at recent favorite Surah in Buena Park, but wondered what the hell we were doing sitting there with a barbecue grill on the table between us when neither of us ever expressed an interest in galbee or bulgogi. Mom wanted something light like bibimbahp, but oh, sushi looks good, too. I wanted something warm and brothy, like soon doo-boo jjigae. Or soup. Or…I don’t know. Can we get something spicy? We ordered a sashimi salad and yook-gae-jahng, supremely fiery hot Korean beef and green onion soup. How so totally unfocusedly appropriate for us in all of our ADD glory.

The sushi bar in the front corner of Surah’s lofty, almost warehouse-like space turned out paper-thin slices of hirame, maguro and sake on a high pile of greens garnished with lemon and spears of gobo. The fish was fresh, but there was no real perceptible dressing on the greens. We ended up dipping the fish in some requested gahn-jahng (soy sauce) and obscene amounts of wasabi that fit a Korean palate, but would have made a Japanese sushi chef pass out from the inpropriety.

Yook-gae-jahng is one of my favorite Korean dishes, and Surah’s was fine, except that it was disappointingly milder than the deep dark hellacious red it appeared. I slurped down most of the broth anyway, then had a slice of tuna, then fished out a tanlge of dahng-myun (clear glass noodles), then crunched on some gobo. Sarah, I thought you didn’t like gobo. Oh yeah, thanks Mom. I forgot. *ptooey*

Dinner was okay at Surah, but we’ll probably go back again only for the barbecue. But not before we start cooking Korean at home, get distracted by the leftover linguine in the fridge, and end up at Sagan on our way to the San Gabriel Valley.

Fortunately, there is no treatment for ADD. Hopefully, there never will be, either.

Surah Restaurant
5333 Beach Blvd. (@ Malvern)
Buena Park, CA 90621

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