Alma, Downtown LA {restaurant}

alma restaurant, downtown LA, sweet potatoes

Seaweed Beignet

with tofu, yuzu kosho, lime [$6]
alma- seaweed beignets

Crispy Broccoli

with espelette aioli [$6]
alma - crispy broccoli, aioli

Housemade Bread

Parker House rolls with cultured butter [$5]
Alma Restaurant, housemade Parker house rolls

Aged Beef and Oyster Tartare

with celery root and sorrel [$13]
Alma Restaurant, beef oyster tartare

Alma Restaurant, beef oyster tartare

Early Winter Salad

beets, goat milk, persimmon and olive [$9]
Alma Restaurant - beets, goats milk, persimmon, olive


pistachio, turnips, chard, anchovy [$24]
Alma Restaurant - beef bavette

Roasted Chicken

carrot, chanterelle and seaweed bearnaise [$25]
Alma - Roast Chicken

Sweet Potato

with macadamia, seared lettuce, clover-dill gremolata [$15]
Alma - sweet potato, macadamia


alma restaurant - menu


Alma, bookshelf

Alma Restaurant Sign

Alma Restaurant, sign

952 South Broadway
Los Angeles, CA 90015
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