Ammo {restaurant} – The Idea of Brunch

Ammo - Olive Oil fried eggs with fried chickepeas, harissa, yogurt and olive bread

I have a fascination with the idea of brunch…

But the fascination is unfounded. Half the foods associated with brunch are sweet, like baskets of nutella creme filled flaky biscuit muffins with cream cheese doughnut drizzle, stacks of pancake layers alternating with chocolate, sticky sweet fruit and whipped cream, and waffles buckling under the weight of maple “brunch” ice cream. The other half involve eggs in some form that would otherwise fit perfectly into my omega-3 heavy anti-aging diet except that foodie-forward brunch eggs are almost always runny-yolked, the bright yellow slowly spreading all over the plate like a whispered warning of food-borne illness.

Then there is the third half made up of sandwiches, which just makes me mad.

For someone who has this unfounded fascination, living in the middle of a city that was built for bright, sunny Sunday afternoon brunch on a patio 50 out of 52 weeks a year, brunch plans have a hard time materializing. There is the obvious problem of trying to schedule a meal the day after what are normally the two biggest nights out a week — not that I would know since my two biggest nights out are Sunday and Wednesday when I go to the farmers’ market, during the day.

But the real issue is that there are almost no brunch places that appeal to me.

And so I suppose the key word here is “idea.” I am fascinated with the idea of brunch. An elusive, probably non-existent, LA experience of bloody Marys, mimosas, medium-hard poached eggs Royale with caviar on a semi-shaded patio that is within Ugg-boots-were-made-for-walking distance of my house.

Maybe I just need to move on to the idea of dim sum.

{pictured above: Olive oil fried eggs with fried chickpeas, harissa, yogurt, and grilled olive bread [$11]}

Poached Eggs [$14]

Poached eggs on golden beets, haricot verts, fennel and tomatoes salad with olive tapenade, shaved Parmigiano-Reggiano and roasted fingerling potatoes
Ammo restaurant - poached eggs, beet, fennel, tomato, fingerling potatoes

Chocolate Chip Cookie [$2]

Ammo restaurant - chocolate chip cookie

Bloody Mary

Ammo restaurant - bloody mary

Ammo Café
1155 N. Highland Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90038
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