Angelled Eggs for National Egg Month and Other May Food Holidays to Celebrate All Month Long

deviled eggs with yogurt and avocado aka angelled eggs

Both the recipe for Angelled Deviled Eggs and the list of holidays for the month of May are further down this post. Please scroll down to go directly to either.

Despite what your doctor would frighten you into believing about animal fat and cholesterol, you can, perhaps even should, eat eggs every day during the month of May to celebrate National Egg Month. Or maybe your cardiologist would prefer that you do eat eggs, particularly in the form of creamy dreamy deviled eggs to coat the insides of your arteries with full fat fatty fatso mayonnaise so he will have enough business to fund his cutback to 9-holes for the duration of this recession.

Unluckily for him, I make a not-so-naughty version of deviled eggs made with fat-free plain yogurt instead of mayonnaise in half of the hard boiled egg halves and guacamole “lite” in the other half. If I could, I would eat these “Angelled” Eggs every day, but I’m punishing myself with deprivation for coming up with such a cutesy E-V-yumm-O-oh no you di-int name like “angelled.” I know, it makes me want to *gag*, too.


“Angelled” Deviled Eggs Recipe

The recipe for “Angelled” eggs is very loosely based on the recipe in my ATF cookbook, The Joy of Cooking.

Ingredients for Angelled Deviled Eggs:

for every 6 eggs (which makes a dozen Angelled Deviled Egg Halves):

  • 6 hard boiled eggs (I make perfect hard boiled eggs with the “bring to boil, then let sit in hot water” method)
  • 3 Tbsp fat free plain yogurt
  • 1-2 tsp Dijon mustard (or to taste)
  • Joy of Cooking also adds a few teaspoons of each of minced fresh herbs, shallots, and Worcestershire sauce. I don’t.
  • Joy of Cooking also adds ~ 1 tsp vinegar. I don’t because there is vinegar in hot sauce
  • 1-2 tsp hot sauce of your choice, though I lean toward Hot Cock
  • salt/pepper to taste
  • half of a very ripe avocado (for the guacamole “lite” eggs)

Directions for Angelled Deviled Eggs

  1. Peel hard boiled eggs and slice in half length-wise.
  2. Scoop out hard boiled egg yolks, and only use half of them. What you do with the other half is up to you, but if you eat them, you’re missing the point.
  3. Mash the hard boiled egg yolks with a fork, then mix with all the other ingredients until as smooth as possible.
  4. Spoon into hollows of 6 egg white halves, or you can be FANCY and pipe them into swirls.
  5. Mash the ripe avocado until smooth and add 1-2 tsp yogurt, 1 super finely minced garlic clove, finely chopped half a small onion, salt/pepper to taste, and if you can handle it, either hot sauce or finely chopped fresh jalapeno. Spoon or pipe into the other 6 egg white halves.

As for all the other National [blank] Month, Weeks, and Days, I can’t keep up. I mean, really? Tear open up a can of Del Monte Fruit Cocktail on May 13?

Damn, I probably would.

Celebrate the Entire Month Because May is…

  • National Asparagus Month
  • National Barbecue Month
  • National Chocolate Custard Month
  • National Egg Month
  • National Gazpacho Aficionado Month
  • National Hamburger Month
  • National Salad Month
  • National Salsa Month
  • National Strawberry Month

Week-long Celebrations in May

  • First Week of May: National Raisin Week
  • First Week of May: National Herb Week
  • Second Week of May: National Hamburger Week
  • Third Week of May: International Pickles Week
  • Fourth Week of May: National Frozen Yogurt Week
  • Fourth Week of May: American Beer Week

May Food Holidays and Other Commemorative Days

  • May 1: May Day
  • May 1: National Chocolate Parfait Day
  • May 2: National Truffles Day
  • May 3 National Chocolate Custard Day
  • May 3: National Raspberry Tart Day
  • May 4: National Homebrew Day
  • May 4: National Orange Juice Day
  • May 4: National Candied Orange Peel Day
  • May 5: National Chocolate Custard Day
  • May 5: Cinco de Mayo
  • May 5: National Hoagie Day
  • May 6: National Crêpes Suzette Day
  • May 6: International No Diet Day
  • May 7: National Roast Leg of Lamb Day
  • May 8 National Coconut Cream Pie Day
  • May 8: National Empanada Day
  • May 8: Have A Coke Day
  • May 9: National Butterscotch Brownie Day
  • May 10: National Shrimp Day
  • May 11: Eat What You Want Day
  • May 12: National Nutty Fudge Day
  • May 13 National Apple Pie Day
  • May 13: National Fruit Cocktail Day
  • May 14: National Buttermilk Biscuit Day
  • May 15: National Chocolate Chip Day
  • May 16: National Coquilles St. Jacques Day
  • May 17: National Cherry Cobbler Day
  • May 18: National Cheese Soufflé Day
  • May 19: National Devil’s Food Cake Day
  • May 20: National Quiche Lorraine Day
  • May 20: Pick Strawberries Day
  • May 21: National Strawberries and Cream Day
  • May 22: National Vanilla Pudding Day
  • May 23: National Taffy Day
  • May 24: National Escargot Day
  • May 25: (2009) Memorial Day, which happens to be National Barbecue Day and National Hamburger/Cheeseburger Day
  • May 25: National Brown-Bag-It Day
  • May 25: National Wine Day
  • May 26: National Blueberry Cheesecake Day
  • May 26: National Cherry Dessert Day
  • May 27: National Grape Popsicle Day
  • May 28: National Brisket Day
  • May 29: National Coq Au Vin Day
  • May 30: National Mint Julep Day
  • May 31: National Macaroon Day
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