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AOC sunday brunch asparagus polenta poached egg

Right now, it’s all about girls in my life. Strong ones. Some of whom I keep close. Some of whom I admire from afar because they are badass boss ladies of their own LA restaurant empires

I am giving some renewed attention to Suzanne Goin’s AOC, partially because it’s in a new, more westerly location, mostly because I had been ignoring it for reasons that I will probably (never) share in a future blog post. Suffice it to say that I have always thought AOC was good food. In recent years, though, it was just sort of dead as a “scene.” Not that I need a scene, because I’m a food blogger. But then again, not that I don’t because, again, I’m a food blogger. If that makes sense to you, you should probably stop drinking after this glass.

Sorry, that was just me talking to me.

I had brunch at the new AOC with girls.

{above: Grilled Asparagus with Polenta and Soft Egg $15}

Spanish Fried Chicken and Sweet Potato Waffles $16

with jamon, butter, and syrup

Indian Chopped Chicken Salad $16

with curried cauliflower, spinach, yogurt dressing, yellow lentils, golden raisins and almonds
new AOC, brunch - curried Cauliflower Chicken Salad

Cheese Plate $5/cheese

new AOC, brunch - three cheese

Full Bar

new AOC, brunch - bar

Inside Door, Green Goddess Cocktail

new AOC, brunch - door, green goddess cocktail


You need a girl who will bail on a guy in the middle of a first date to drink a bottle of wine with you while you cry it out.

You need a girl who will listen without opinions.

You need a girl who is honest enough to tell you he was so fucking wrong for you.

You need a girl who is honest enough to tell you that he’s the one and you’ll work it out.

You need a girl who takes you on a shopping spree down Robertson Blvd.

You need a girl who physically comes between you and your credit card when you’re about to buy a $7,500 handbag online.

You need a girl who mentally plots revenge on your behalf.

You need a girl who will tell you he will come crawling back to you.

You need a girl who sends you a playlist that starts with ‘It Aint Over ‘Til It’s Over.’

You need a girl who sends you a playlist that starts with ‘This Girl is On Fire.’

You need a girl who will sit on the couch in the same lululemons, in the same greasy finger-printed glasses, with the same three-days unwashed hair, and dip gluten-free pizza in dairy-free ice cream while watching Eat Pray Love with you.

You need a girl who will storm into your living room, force you out of your lululemons and greasy finger-printed glasses, stand by the bathroom door making sure you take a shower, and take you out to those places he never took you.

You need a girl who pulls back her hair, rolls up her sleeves, and goes all in on a full tray of Texas BBQ and all the sides with you.

You need a girl who pulls back her hair into an upsweep, rolls up in a flossy car, and does Sunday brunch on the patio at the new AOC with you.

It may all be the same girl. It may be six different girls. It might be your sister, your mom, your girlfriend, your BFF, your gay boyfriend, your dentist, your co-worker, your boss lady. It doesn’t matter.

You need girls.

8700 West 3rd street
Los Angeles, CA 90048
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  • weezermonkey

    Love this.

  • Malgosia

    So true… I need more girls

  • Diane, A Broad

    For reals.

  • DHo

    This almost made me cry. I’ll ditch a guy for you anytime!

  • Ima Wurdibitsch

    Wow. Don’t know how you hit EVERYTHING but you did. Thank you.

  • Evelina

    Can’t agree enough. The girls in my life are my clutches. Love.

  • Grace Nam

    long time reader… first time commenter. this. thank you :)

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