August 2007 in Review – Wellness Month Ended Before it Began

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At the end of a month that was the climax of the Summer of Sarah, I promised – no, I vowed – to take 31 days off. August would be Wellness Month.

It started out so well. I stayed home. I even made my long-awaited return to the kitchen. But somewhere between Sushi Roku and a hard place, vodka greeted me personally and I took Delicious to another Level.

September? I make no promises…

Wednesday, August 1Tengu, Santa Monica – Drinking Poison Straight from the Devil’s Goblet
“strange garnishes that looked like an afterthought, and unfortunately, the use of a blowtorch tasted less like a purposeful sear and more like gaseous flesh burn”

Thursday, August 2Red Lobster Fantasy – The Camera Adds 10 Pounds to…My Forehead
“Red F**king Lobster?!?! For the Seafood F**king Lover in me?!?!”

Saturday, August 4The Lobster, Santa Monica – My Life is Full of Delicious Contradictions
“as long as I’m protected inside a glass bubble, I enjoy looking out over the Pacific and the tiny lights at night from a distance. Cocktails don’t hurt, either”

Sunday, August 5Roast Chicken – General Public Comes to Sunday Dinner
“Somehow I had managed to keep salmonella away from my laptop.”

Monday, August 6Marcus Wareing’s Perfect Tomato Soup – Feeding My OPP (Obsessive Pursuit of Perfection)
“…seduced by a man, his words and superficial appearance.”

Thursday, August 9Cherry Pomegranate Smoothie – Paradox of Priorities
“I sliced a ring into the cherry around its pit, ripped the fleshy halves apart, and let them weep their ripe, red blood right into my hands.”

Friday, August 10Vanilla Ice Cream and Cuisinart ICE BC30 – A Flavor Only a Blogger Could Love
“…even if every other food blogger out there worth her weight in heavy cream ridicules the vanilla result of your virginal wedding night with your very first ice cream maker, you love your vanilla ice cream.”

Sunday, August 12Hello Level – How to Respond When Vodka Greets You
“Be a doll and refrain from pointing out the obvious and ruining the fantasy of Hollyblog domination for me, m’kaaay?”

Tuesday, August 14Blended Mojitos – Already Annoyingly Complicated, But Leave it to…
“A mojito tastes like a Scope-tini with a splash of 7-up. That is disgusting.”

Friday, August 17 Grilled Romaine Caesar – “Supposed to Be” Should Never Be Used in the Context of Food
“If ignorance is bliss, then knowing that Caesar Cardini invented the salad in Mexico and that it is supposed to be made tableside, with raw eggs, without anchovies, is misery.”

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