August – Listgeeky is the New Sexy

Baby, August is soooo last month. Let’s just get our sexy on with a listgeeky little list, then move on, ‘k? I mean, we have Manning vs. Manning coming up.

Tuesday, August 1Lazy Days – Beer, Blogging, and the Month of “Broken”
“I don’t think I’ve ever finished an entire bottle of anything, even PBR.”

bread and porridge, santa monica, ca, strawberry pancakes

Wednesday, August 2Bread & Porridge – An MBA Education for the Price of a Pancake
“I was more than pleased to find out that ‘Strawberry Pancakes’ meant that there were strawberries in the pancakes, and not just tossed as an afterthought on the pancakes. That would be ‘Strawberry-topped Pancakes,’ not that I’m nit-picky or anything.”

pho 99 , brentwood, ca tofu pho

Thursday, August 3List Lust and Settling for Pho
On my To-Dine List: “Here it is again, just to serve as a painful reminder to myself that until I actually land a job, I am resigned to listful, lustful longing while eating halfway decent tofu pho.”

Friday, August 4Cobb Salad and a Fresh Start
“I have taken the high road, and have decided that the fuck stops here. It’s time to get back in shape, both mentally and physically.”

mi song sushi, rowland heights, ca - hamachi sushi

Saturday, August 5Mi Song – When Cultures and Cuisines and Collide
“my head snapped back and forth between the legal pad on my left and the screen right in front of me with increasing velocity until, no, no, no…I found myself violently shaking my head ‘No!’ The memory of Mi Song’s food attacked my head like a screaming, swirling, pod-laying alien.”

Saturday, August 5HK (Han Kook) Market – Bahn-chan Bar Crawl
(Just a note here: I am pleased that I *gasp!* posted twice in the same day! Clearly I was doing laundry or something that day.)
“I just go, snicker a little at things like the clam jerky, ooh and aah like a little girl over all the pretty pink tiny adorably sweets and candies, and then run off with two bags full of stinky, fermenting vegetables hugged to my chest.”

Sunday, August 6That’s What SHE Said…The Times, UK
“I am blogging for neither fame nor fortune. If I wanted fame, I would have headed straight for Hollywood and…waited tables.”

Monday, August 7Louise’s Trattoria – Coming Out of the Culinary Closet
“But this was a different feeling – not a trashy craving driven my hormones, not a luxurious taste tipped off by some unintentional glimpse of decadent food porn.”

Tuesday, August 8Hamburger Hamlet – How a Baby Defines Delicious

Wednesday, August 9Fat Fish – Habanero Makes Me a Hypocrite

Thursday, August 10Acapulco – Use Your Illusion, Part II
“I wonder, does she ever eat, oh, I don’t know…a bean burrito?!?!”

greek salad, when naked isn't naughty

Friday, August 11Greek Salad – When Naked isn’t Naughty
“If you’re eating chopped, raw vegetables, you’re not eating a salad, you’re eating a bowl of mire poix.”

Saturday August 12Strawberry Muffins with Crumb Topping – Honmas Don’t Make a Tiger
“Andre Agassi is a naturally gifted tennis player, so he will beat your fuzzy green balls straight into the grass with a wooden tennis racket that has three strings missing.”

sakura house, culver city, ca - kushiyaki

Sunday August 13Sakura House – A View to a Grill
“Yaki this. Yaki that. It doesn’t matter. Just call them “sizzling skewers.”

Monday August 14Saints & Sinners – Everyone is Part of the “Populars”

Tuesday August 15Get Ready…Dine & Dish Will be Back in September
“Now it’s back to school, back to football season (thank god – baseball bores me to tears), and back to eating out! Dine & Dish will be back in September.”

Wednesday August 16Strawberry Peach Smoothie – Because Some Days, You Just Know
come on, we can’t taint true “Rap” with Vanilla Ice and Bel Biv Devoe.

mcdonald's egg mcmuffin

Thursday August 17McDonald’s Egg McMuffin – Why I Shuttle
“driving through the loop, or takin
g the ‘secret’ United cross-cut, then quietly exiting onto Century Boulevard, I feel like I can turn around and give a hearty “Fuck you!” to the control tower because they got you trapped in a giant metal deathtube with five-ton wings that don’t flap worth a dime, but they didn’t get me!”

Friday August 18Chinese Chicken Salad – Real American Food
“Imagine that. An Austrian chef who does Asian Fusion in America invents Chinese Chicken Salad. How confusing. And people wonder about my identity crisis.”

Saturday August 19Gazpacho – Liquid Diet
“I promise, there was no vodka involved in the making of this gazpacho.”

nick & stef's, downtown los angeles, ca - baby bar burger

Sunday August 20Nick & Stef’s Steakhouse – Bribed with Beef and Booze
On the Bar Burger: “Like a beefy demi-god, it hovers supernaturally tall and lean over French fries that tumble all over themselves in idolatrous worship of the American food icon.”

Monday August 21A Night at the Hilton Checkers Hotel – It’s Not What You Think
“I’m not a hooker. I just play one on reality TV.”

hakata sushi, santa monica, ca - spicy tuna on unagi roll

Tuesday August 22Hakata Sushi – Hakuna Hakata, What a Wonderful Phrase
“there was a time when I even tried to refrain from ordering spicy tuna when I realized that 1) the tuna was the leftover, un-serveable bits of fish, and 2) restaurants were spicing the tuna with Hot Cock.”

Wednesday August 23Weiland’s Brewery – Three Times, a Downtown Fling
“Just before he leaves, though, he puts a hand on my back, maybe pulls the covers up around me, and whispers something different each time in my ear.”

carrot ginger soup, comfort in a carrot soup

Thursday August 24Carrot Ginger Soup – Comfort in a Carrot Soup
“It was the same sort of head-in-a-haze existence that follows shortly after a breakup. I wasn’t depressed, but I was definitely dazed. Maybe a little confused, too.”

Friday August 25Tofu Salad – Response to SOS and Mishima’s Dressing
“I never get creative with Tofu Salad. How many different ways are there to make a tofu salad?!?!”

fresh plum tart

Saturday August 26Plum Tart with Oatmeal Cookie Crust – Semi Sandra Lee
“I have come to accept that the Food Network was a very bad habit that no longer gives me the same kind of high that it used to.”

Sunday August 27Dine and Dish – Like a Virgin, Tasted for the Very First Time
“Try to make it through the wilderness by Wednesday, October 18th.”

Monday August 28Babalu – He Surprised Me
I don’t like surprises.

fresh fig and blackberry salad with walnuts and blue cheese

Tuesday August 29Fresh Fig and Blackberry Salad – My Love Affair with the Fig

Wednesday August 30Cabo Cantina – Where is the Best Happy Hour?
“I ask the readers, what is your favorite place for Happy Hour?”

** a year ago today, finn mccool threw a launch party like it was 1999 **

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  • LACheesemonger

    Hmm, Manning v Manning…this is Oct. 10th already Sarah. That’s so old history already. I’ve got some nice pix for the recent Oct. 6th Harvest Moon Festival…you are familiar with the Korean version aren’t you?

    Maybe you should give Flock a try (or start ‘flocking’ yourself more often to get up to date ;) ).

    IIRC, didn’t you mention M v M way back in the Disney Concert Hall-Wedding Crashers entry for June (orig. post, now since deleted/ censor edited to great loss), something about how you loathed the upcoming summer, waited for the arrival of the fall season of happy hour & football & nachos?

    Question, was it you? See, I read this article (MK’s going back to university, taking time off from pro skating, perhaps forever) about likeability of sports stars, polls conducted by E-Poll. Was it you who spent all her time fixing this poll? Really now, Brett Favre & Peyton Manning? No way they are even remotely as likeable as Michelle Kwan; you did it now, confess! ;)

    “Bryant is still down the list of athletes on E-Poll surveys over the past year. The top 10 (with likability marks of at least 59%): Brett Favre, Steve Young, Kristi Yamaguchi, Mia Hamm, Michelle Kwan, Arnold Palmer, Jerome Bettis, Peggy Fleming, Lance Armstrong and (tied) Michael Jordan, Peyton Manning and Wayne Gretzky.

    About those lists obsessions (this is the part, where just like in the K-drama with country girl Bokshila, I like the main male character of sophistication and pompous swagger; sarcastically & teasingly call you a ‘dork’ for the umpteenth time :) ), since you’re so far behind in this blog (must be all the time spent writing for slashfood, lol); I’ll assume you’ll have a comment next month about Zagat’s mostly irrelevant 2007 LA restaurant list, with the soup Nazi, Nozawa as mentioned in this : Daliy News article

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