Avocado, Olive Oil, Sea Salt and Pepper {instalicious}

Avocado, Olive Oil, Sea Salt and Pepper

Greedy little foodwhore ate the whole spooning thing. (A not too infrequent afternoon snack here in The Delicious Life because it’s fast, easy, anti-age-y, and um… it’s a whole avocado.)

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  • Ahu S

    perfect perfect perfect. i often do this and shmear the avo onto a slice of baguette drizzled with balsamic. easy little lazy snack that still feels gourmet.

    • http://www.thedeliciouslife.com Sarah J. Gim

      ahu: i’ve been seeing so many avocado toasts! love the balsamic drizzle…will have to do that next!

  • roundthings

    I love cados.tatos and matos. yes, im a fato.

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