Babalu – He Surprised Me

babalu restaurant, santa monica, los angeles, ca

1002 Montana Ave
Santa Monica, CA 90403

** a year ago today, bon appetit’s geisha house pick made me mad **

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  • santos.

    god, i love coming here–it’s like the neverending summer (we’re not even at labor day!), and you go to restaurants i haven’t been to since the eighties. what with the whole resurgence of fro-yo, i’m sure pretty soon you’ll actually be reversing time on this blog ;)

  • SMSChat

    Great blog with good interesting informations.
    Thank you. I have bookmarked it.
    Greetz Elena

  • Nrw

    Mmmmh, it seems to taste really good Oo.

    I like this blog, too. And i bookmarked you twice ;)


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