Bacon-wrapped Hot Dogs, White Castle Weddings, and 10 Other Random Stuffs – Delicious Dozen Links from Around the Webs

delicious dozen links for 2/23/2008
1. The Bacon-Wrapped Hot Dog: So Good, it’s Illegal (LA Weekly, 2.6.2008) – So wrong for something so right

2. The Worst Food in America, according to Men’s Health Mag – 3,000 calories of meaty, cheesy hotness

3. Only in SoCal: The Country’s First Feng Shui McDonald’s (Eater LA, 2.13.2008) – srsly?

4. What They Crave: Couples Marry at White CastleWhite Castle?!?! Who gets married at White Castle? I’da picked In N Out.

5. Cracking Discovery (Daily Mail, 2.16.2008) – A tiny egg inside another egg. Like twins! But not.

6. A Spoonful of Immunity? (New York Times Dining 2.18.2008) – Sometimes I wonder how I can live with myself in LA

7. Iron Chef Boyardee (Village Voice 2.19.2008) – You mean Iron Chef is…*gasp!*…a sham?!?!

8. How to Cook Rice on Your Stovetop – Because not everyone has a tiny elephant in their kitchen

9. Video: Wedges Spike Your Water with More than Just Lemon – Staphylonastiness and fecal matter. Gross. Just gross.

10. Hidden Dangers in the Kitchen – And we’re not just talking about Sarah in 6″ stilettos waving a Shun cleaver

11. FN DishAnother food blogger makes it beyond the blogosphere

12. Del-eat Your Spam (Google Blog 2.21.2008) – Another little project is brewing in mine wee skull.

** And let’s just make it a baker’s dozen because really, who’s retarded now?!?! **

13. “Hotties” Not so Hot When You’re in Love (UCLA-eHarmony Study) – Someone paid UCLA researchers to figure this out?!?!

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  • Craig

    So if that study is correct, if you find someone else attractive, that is a danger sign?

    Please Sarah, don’t kill me for the question.

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