Baking, Bacon, and a Blowtorch – Top 12 Posts of 2009 on The Delicious Life

Sarah in Welder's Mask with Blow TorchBased on this list, you might think that 1) I published enough posts this year to even have a list of the Top 12 and 2) I bake.

Both are absolutely true!

Sort of.


Not really.

First of all, some of the most popular posts in 2009 weren’t even written in 2009. I have no idea what that means, but it means something.

Second of all…

2009 was to be the year I made my explosive re-entry into the blogosphere, but we’ve already seen how well that panned out. The first quarter of the year was a complete famine, barely sustaining on a few posts recycled from previous years.

After that, I wrote a total of 53 original, “real” posts this year — “real” meaning neither the giveaways nor the picture-only daily posts that I’ve been eking out the last two months. Fifty-three is a respectable number, as it averages out to one post per week, but that can’t possibly be enough to legally call this my “living,” when there was a time when blogging was purely a hobby, and I did it Every.



Wow. I was amazing way back then! Uh.


I could blame “time” for all of this, that between this, that and the other, I just didn’t have time, but we all know — what’s that saying? — that if it were urgent enough, I’d make the time for it. Whatever. Truth be told, my mind was elsewhere the entire year and it’s not like I tried to prevent it.

I certainly did not mind nor regret the time I spent on TasteSpotting and Twitter, but it has made me think about whether I have the mental capacity and ability to continue writing long-form blog posts at all going forward. I am not a writer by trade, never took a significant class in writing, and was told at an early age that being Asian, I’d be better off focusing on math and science.


What a nice, natural segue into no. 2!

I am terrible with numbers. Or do I just tell myself and everyone else that so they purposely do not put me in that category of Asians? Who knows? Either way, whatever genes, traits, characteristics and behaviors that make someone a good scientist (ratios! measurements! precision! exothermic reactions!) that also makes her a good baker (ratios! measurements! precision! exothermic reactions!) are non-existent in the mess that is me. For some reason, though, five of the top 12 posts are recipes for baked goods. I may not know math, but that’s at least 5/12ths, and if there is one thing that I learned in drama (the only classes in which I got As – surprised?!), it’s that…

It’s not me, it’s you.

The posts are popular because that’s what you picked.

Baking. Bacon. Video of me in a strapless, sequined mini-dress with a blowtorch.

I see how it is.

And I like it.

Top 12 Most Popular Posts of 2009 on The Delicious Life

12. Snickers Brownies :: Why I Bake Even Though I Suck at It

Snickers Bar Brownies Recipe

11. Nordstrom Cafe and Their Tomato Soup Recipe :: Food and Fashion in the Same Place

Tomato Soup at Nordstrom Cafe

10. Bacon Wrapped Green Beans :: Cured of the Casserole

Bacon Wrapped Green Beans

9. A Really Goode Job :: Sarah’s Video Debut

Flaming Hot Cheeto and the Murphy Goode Video

8. Heath Bar Blondies :: Easiest Dessert You’ll Ever Make Unless You Microwave Cake Mix

Heath Bar Blondies

7. Paso Robles, Cayucos and San Luis Obispo :: Escape to Central Coast Wine Country

Wine at Artisan Restaurant Paso Robles

6. Homemade Spicy Tuna Roll Recipe :: Sushi is Not Football Food

Homemade Spicy Tuna Roll and Why Sushi is Not Football Food

5. Blowtorch Prime Rib Roast Recipe from Thomas Keller :: A Video

Prime Rib Roast for Blowtorch

4. Peanut Butter Cup Peanut Butter Cookies :: Neglecting the Little Pink Kitty *ahem*

Peanut Butter Cup Peanut Butter Cookies

3. Recipes from Ad Hoc at Home by Thomas Keller :: Because You’re Not Going to Buy the Book for the Recipes Anyway

Ad Hoc at Home Recipe Collection

2. Carrot Muffins with Cream Cheese Filling :: You’re Gonna Need a Montage

Carrot Cupcake Muffins with Cream Cheese Frosting

and the Number One post on The Delicious Life in 2009 was…

1. The Last Chocolate Chip Banana Bread Recipe You’ll Ever Need

Chocolate Chip Banana Bread

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