Baklava from Mrs. Todd’s Mom

baklava from Todd's Mom

Four years later, my proposal to Mrs. Todd’s Mom still stands:

“Dear Mrs. Todd’s Mom,

…I do understand that the recipe for your baklava might be a very closely guarded Todd’s Mom’s family secret that has been passed down from generation to generation, so Mrs. Todd’s Mom, I have a proposal for you…”

{ read the original (in)decent proposal I made to my friend Todd’s mom…}

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  • kamran siddiqi

    Sarah, you seriously crack me up. The baklava looks absolutely delish, though. Why can’t you be the big sister that I never wished for, but now see that I want because you crack me up?

  • Sarah J. Gim

    kamran: yay! yes, the baklava was so good and I have to confess that I could barely hold myself back from peeling off the first flaky layer and eating it before taking these darn pictures. Todd dropped it off to me about half an hour ago.

    It is gone.

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