Bibimbahp and Buffalo Mozzarella – Delicious Dozen Links for Week Ending 3.29.2008

delicious dozen links, week ending 3.29.2008
1. This Week’s Food Safety Terror Alert was a subtle Asian Yellow for Japan and Korea’s ban on tainted mozzarella, but upgraded to Orange for mafia ties to the dioxin.

2. The Next Sushi – With bibimbahp poised as the next big food trend, TheDelicious will be doing a little Seoul searching.

3. Spaghetti Stir-fry and Hambagoo: Japan Looks West – Sounds a lot like Sawtelle.

4. Egg McMuffin Inventor Dies – Mr Herb Peterson, you will be missed in this delicious life more than you know.

5. America’s Healthiest Restaurants – With the exception of Bob Evans, who knew Orange County would be a mecca for America’s Healthiest Restaurants? (Though I don’t think I’ve seen an Olive Garden here yet). Once there, Eat Smart with 20 Dining Tips.

6. A Conversation with Thomas Keller [Charlie Rose] – Will I ever get to the French Laundry?!?!

7. Dining on a Dime, or at the most, $0.99 in either New York or LA – Recession depression.

8. First, Ten Tastiest Food photography tips, then Fruity Photoshop. Absolutely incredible.

9. Speaking of food photography, how often does the food really look like the picture? The text is in German but the 100+ photos speak for themselves.

10. A Short Guide to Restaurant Criticism – Be nice. Or not (but you might get sued).

11. March (Beer) Madness is almost over, but Opening Day is this Monday. Make sure you get the All-You-Can-Eat Seats, because America’s real favorite pastime is eating non-stop junk food for six straight hours.

12. Hamburger Press – You need it. Trust me.

And to finish up the breast of the week: Big Breasts Win Verdict for Japanese Pin-Up – That’s “D” for defense

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