{obsessed with} Bissinger’s Gummy Pandas

Bissinger's gummy pandas

Specifically, the raspberry + yumberry flavor.

There really is an actual fruit called yumberry; it’s not just some made up flavor for a fruit roll-up or cereal or pop-tart. The name seemed a wittle too cutesy to be on the package, uh, right, “too cutesy,” even though we are talking about gummy pandas. The yumberry fruit is high in antioxidants, including vitamin C, which, I suppose, is the reason Bissinger’s can make the “natural source of vitamin C” claim on the package.

Which, I suppose, is the reason I can tell myself that a whole bag of these things is basically the adult equivalent of a bottle of gummi Flintstones.

Side note no.1: The raspberry + yumberry gummy pandas also have tiny “seeds” in them (from the raspberries, I assume) which is probably a great source of fiber!

Side note no.2: The apricot + white tea flavor is disgusting and actually does taste like vitamins.

raspberry + yumberry gummy pandas
I got mine at Bristol Farms

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