Boule Atelier, Los Angeles – Dear Delicious: Pre-Nostalgia for Paris Pastry

boule atelier, los angeles, ca - madeleine

Boule Atelier
420 N La Cienega Blvd
West Hollywood, CA 90048

Two seconds while I get the rest of the pictures together, but in the meantime…

Is Boule the best place for pastries in LA?

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  • cybele

    I go back and forth too.

    But I got a huge hoot from my last box of chocolate from them.

  • SunJun

    What kind of baked good is that? It looks tasty, but my ignorant, country ways cannot identify such a fine piece of food…

  • Anonymous

    not a fan- ordering online from them sucks. they charge you and don’t deliver. I had to complain to my credit card company because they wouldn’t refund my money. it was a waste of my time.

  • sarah

    cybele!!! i have to add your link to my list! don’t know how i missed that!

    sunjun: that’s a madeleine…it was something i used to eat EVERY DAY in college when i was in…berkeley! ha!

    anonymous: they don’t deliver? how weird. then why would they let you order online? hm.

  • H. C.

    Boule is definitely among the top for frou-frou French sweets, though I have particular fondness for the desserts from Jin Patisserie and the Little Next Door as well.

    I’m sure they deliver (at least by way of mail) — their ice cream section even notes (thankfully) that it’s available by overnight shipping only.

    Now why can’t they deliver and have a box of canelés/macarons/chocolates/caramels/pate de fruits conveniently fall out in front of my house or office? ;)

  • cybele

    The weird thing is that part of the reason that I’m not more in love with them is that they don’t seem to care much if I shop there.

    Around Christmas I came to get some ice cream and they were sold out, I then picked up two chocolates and a pate de fruit for the road and tried to engage them in conversation (mostly about Kalamansi) but they were really irritated.

    I went to Mashti Malone’s and they greeted me like a long lost child.

  • taste memory

    i wouldn’t know where to buy pastries in l.a.

    the last time i bought cake in a l.a. was @ a japanese~pseudo french bakery in japan town….or is it japan center (no that’s s.f. i think) or is it little tokyo in l.a.?

    anyhow – the pink boule box looks pretty!

  • Hilary

    I’m with Cybele. My sister and I went and had a few questions about the candies and they seemed annoyed to have to answer us.

    Plus, $2.50 for the tiniest caramel with fleur de sel was a rip off.

  • LRuth

    I randomly chose them from an online search and ordered a cake by phone to be delivered to my son. I live in western Mass. so I had no idea what to expect. They were extremely helpful and friendly, and they delivered an individual birthday cake at the requested time. My son said it was fabulous.

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