Boxed Wine Burger Bake-off – Because We Could All Use a Million Dollars (or an Immersion Blender)

Bulgogi Burger that Wont Win the Build a Better Burger Contest
I‘ve been asking a lot of my family and friends lately. I asked my family to let me work uninterrupted for a week. I asked friends for intellectual help, creative help, technical help, technological help, and even kitchen “feed me” help.

Asking for a lot of help is what you have to do when you ain’t got no skills of yer own.

Of course, I’ve also been asking everyone else who has ever come within swine-flu-spreading distance of me for support in the form of votes, tweets, re-tweets, and general spampaigning on my behalf in my quest for A Really Goode Job. It’s a job worth at least $60,000 (in the form of monetary compensation), plus the value of luxury accommodations in picturesque Sonoma County wine country.

Thank you.

Now, I know everyone loves and helps and supports me out of the goodness of your hearts, not because you expect anything in return, but still, my first-born, first generAsian, semi-Catholic self feels the need to repay you. A hearty “thank you!” with a virtual hug would probably do it, but let’s be real here in this totally virtual delicious blog world where about 98% of have never met one another face-to-face. “Thank you” doesn’t put dinner on the table, and if there’s one thing I always want to do for you, it’s putting a styrofoam cup of piping hot instant ramen on the table.

But I don’t have a job (yet) so I’m doing the next best thing, which is pointing you to some contests, sweepstakes, and offers that can put dinner on your table. There are a lot of cooking and recipe contests out there, but these are the ones that have the biggest financial payoff (not that a grand prize of an immersion blender isn’t an awesome payoff). Unfortunately, the deadline for the $1,000,00 Pillsbury Bakeoff has already passed (plan for next year, though!), but you know what you really want is a free box of Chex cereal.

Every single one of you has my permission to “paraphrase” the recipe for the Bulogi Burger pictured above and enter it into the Build-a-Better-Burger contest because we in California are not eligible to win. I guess that’s the tradeoff for the superfun rock and roll earthquakes and traffic we get for living here.

Just remember little delicious moi when you become rich and famous (and fat, because I’ll be jealous) on your winning Burger recipe!

Chex Party Mix Recipe Contest

  • Deadline: July 15, 2009
  • Grand Prize: $5,000 cash + $1,000 grocery gift card + Mix & Mingle with Katie Lee Joel
  • 5 Finalists: $500 cash + 1 free box of Chex® Cereal per week for a year + Holiday Entertaining Prize Package

Spread the Bread Sweepstakes

  • Deadline: July 15, 2009
  • Grand Prize: $20,000
  • No purchase necessary!

Build a Better Burger

  • Deadline: July 29, 2009
  • Grand Prize: $50,000
  • not eligible in CA

Mezzetta Make That Sandwich Contest

  • Deadline: September 7, 2009
  • Grand Prize: $25,000 + trip to Napa

Black Box Wines You’ve Been Boxed! Video Contest

  • Deadline: November 30, 2009
  • Grand Prize: $10,000
  • not eligible in CA

Taste of Home Monthly Ongoing Recipe Contests

  • Grand Prizes: $500 – $600
  • contests are ongoing, so there is something to win every month!

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  • Zom

    How funny! I was just thinking of looking up contests and there you were, on tastespotting, doing all the hard work for me! Thanks!

    • Anonymous

      Just so you know, The Sutter Home Build a Better Burger Cook-off isn’t sponsored by a box wine producer. It’s a premium family owned winery in Saint Helena.

  • nick

    I didn’t know you were quasi-Catholic. That explains a lot (and I feel your pain).

    I heard a narsty rumor that anyone who has a food blog/writes for a food blog is considered a “professional” and disqualified from participation in the Pillsbury contest. I, of course, have not spent even the amount of time it’s taking me now to leave this comment to back that up with researching any “facts” but thought it prudent to pass along nonetheless.

  • Sarah J. Gim

    Zom: You’re welcome! I live for making silly lists that at least one other person will find useful :)

    nick: it’s all about the guilt factor. and yes, you are actually correct about the Pillsbury Bakeoff. One of the food bloggers on twitter actually called Pillsbury and they told the blogger that food bloggers are indeed considered professionals. Sad that we can’t enter, but score one for being considered professional!

  • Chez US

    You can’t enter the burger contest if you live in San Francisco … but, you can enter the ultimate burger contest over at our site …. and we are giving away a prize, too!

  • Sarah J. Gim

    Anonymous: Don’t worry! The “boxed wine” reference isn’t for Sutter Home. It’s for the other wine contest from Black Box Wines, listed a bit further down :)

  • troy

    funny…I did some posting/clicking to help someone get the “really goode job,” which sparked an offer from a competitor for him. Anyway…I came across your post looking for places to post my recipe contest – . Any suggestions on contest lists or other places to post that may help me? The blender that we’re giving away really is awesome!

  • Sarah J. Gim

    troy: i think twittering it probably will help you publicize your giveaway! (by the way, glad to hear that even though your friend didn’t get the “really goode job,” he went on to “good” things anyway :)

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