Crackly, Crusty End of Bread at Tavern – The Delicious Daily 01.31.2010

Crackly, Crusty End of Bread at Tavern

Man cannot live by bread alone.

But woman can.

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  • Diana

    …. as long as there’s a bottle of Prosecco nearby.

  • yutjangsah

    and a creamsicle dessert.

  • dawn

    now that’s an end piece.
    just like a tail is nothing more than a piece at the end. think about it.

  • Sarah J. Gim

    Diana: And butter! And a little square container of sea salt crystals!

    Yutjangsah: this woman can live without the creamsicle dessert. ok, maybe just without the orange sherbert part.

    dawn: there are too many concepts in your haiku.

  • Craig

    I loved the blueberry boule that they make there.

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