Bryan’s Pit BBQ – A Long Drive Just for Meat

bryant's texas bbq, farmers market at 3rd and fairfax, los angeles, ca - brisket
As I have mentioned, I don’t leave the Westside much. In fact, up until I started with this little part-time job job that turned into my current delicious-hell-on-earth job (as opposed to a blogging notjob, which is a blogging “job” that doesn’t pay and is distinctly different from a blogging nutjob, who is a person like me that does stupid things like blog for no money), I never even left my house except on those rare occasions that I was either 1) out of toilet paper, or 2) really out of toilet paper. Even now, my job job is on the Promenade Promenade, so when I do leave the house, I go…further West.

However, there are some certain occasions that could potentially possibly maybe perhaps motivate me to drive toward the land of the rising sun, past the 405, maybe even past La Cienega, and if we’re talking about all kinds of awesome, I might even brave a freeway or two.

“Might.” I mean, Tyler Florence wearing nothing but an apron better be involved in there somewhere.

I am not quite sure how he got me to drive out to the Farmers Market. I do not love the Farmers Market at 3rd and Fairfax. Sure, if I already lived in that district, I would make it a frequent stop for a few of the semi-precious gems like Loteria Grill or perhaps to satiate a craving for gumbo, but otherwise, the Farmers’ Market is just one step above a mall food court. Even tempting me with “BBQ” normally would not have worked because there are plenty of good BBQ places on the Westside that require a shorter drive-time and a far less migraine-inducing bout with parking.

But I went. It is, after all, meat.

bryant's pit bbq, farmers market at 3rd and fairfax, los angeles, ca
hook ’em horns
bryant's pit bbq, farmers market at 3rd and fairfax, los angeles, ca
well done

The only BBQ I know is “meat on grill, eaten with lots of sauce.” That basically translates to “I know nothing about BBQ.” Bryan’s is “pit” BBQ, which I am guessing means that if we were in Texas, the meat would be barbecued in a pit in the ground. I don’t remember seeing a pit in the tiny shack that is Bryan’s in the Farmers’ Market, but they could have been hiding it. Who knows.

We ordered brisket, which wouldn’t have been my choice had I been there alone. I am a neanderthal when it comes to BBQ and I prefer things that require my using two hands and my teeth ripping flesh from bones. Who eats BBQ with a fork and knife?!?! The brisket came out in a lovely fan arrangement on the plate with a roasted potato in the middle. I have to tell you, though, it was too pretty to be “pit” BBQ. The meat was tender, but could have used a generous dose of sauce to cover up the dryness. I know. This is the type of BBQ that doesn’t “do” sauce, but I guess that’s my lesson. I am not a “pit” BBQ kind of girl.

Tyler Florence wasn’t there, apron or otherwise. I’m not going back.

Bryan’s Pit BBQ
at the Los Angeles Farmers Market
6333 West 3rd Street (@Fairfax)
Los Angeles, CA 90036

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