Buzz Buzz, Bar Flies!

Today is the day to post your hazy memories of Bar Fly: Dine at the Bar! The emails have been slowly pouring in, and I can’t wait to post the delicious dishing session later tonight! Don’t worry, it’s more of a dive here at the Delicious Life so there’s no hard and fast “last call.” If you’re still hungover, well, snap out of it! Pop two tylenols, wash it down with a bloody mary, and if you tip me under the table… well, I know the bartender, so I’ll see what I can do… ;)

Of course, you can go out tonight for Dining Out for Life, a one-day, nationwide fundraising event through which participating establishments will donate a percentage of today’s revenues to Aid for AIDS. Eat out and help others! Many of the restaurants that are listed have bars, too, so you can slosh two birds with one martini olive…

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