Chickpeas + Roasted Red Pepper + Onion Confit Sandwich from L.A. Bento

Chickpeas Roasted Red Pepper Onion Confit Sandwich

Chickpeas + Roasted Red Pepper + Onion Confit on fresh-baked bread, $10.
Perfect side salad and housemade potato chips, $ 0.
Chocolate chip cookies tiny enough to treat yourself to two, $ 0.

Not ever having to leave the house again for lunch because L.A. Bento delivers (no joke) to your desk, priceless.

L.A. Bento is Redefining “Lunch in a Box”

L.A. Bento
3329 Division Street
Los Angeles, CA 90065

Originally, I thought L.A. Bento was Japanese food, because wtf “bento?” But it’s not. L.A. Bento is also not LA (adj.) because if you want to eat it, you don’t have to drive. L.A. Bento is a delivery service in Los Angeles that is “redefining lunch in a box” – not a particularly descriptive nor captivating tagline, but you know, they’re new.

You select a sandwich and an accompaniment, they add housemade potato chips and cookies, then deliver it to you. Literally. If you work in an office, the tall, totally cutehot delivery guy in a tie will drop that box off to you at your desk. Obviously, my big, lazy anti-social blogging ass loves this.

I have no idea how they plan to stay in business because as soon as more people figure out they can get “good” sandwiches on fresh-baked bread from Breadbar and salads made with sustainably farmed ingredients delivered to them for only $10, it will get very expensive for L.A. Bento to meet with the demand.

Sarah is Redefining “Lazy”

L.A. Bento :: Inside the Bento Box

A compartmentalized box that not only keeps contents organized but more importantly prevents foods from touching one another even though they are all already individually wrapped seduces me in a way that I can’t even express. At the size of a laptop and about 3″ deep, the box seemed to waste a lot of air space, but I realized that it just keeps the BreadBar bread in its pristine fluffy shape.

The itty bitty cookies looked so forlorn, so I *ahem* ate them first.

LA Bento box

L.A. Bento :: Housemade Potato Chips

Already good because they’re shamelessly thick and crunchy, housemade potato chips are even better for their coma-kicking dose of black pepper.
LA Bento - housemade potato chips

L.A. Bento :: Turkey + Tomato + Havarti Cheese + Remoulade Sandwich

Forget the rest of this sandwich. The real winner is the sweet, comfortably crisp homemade pickles sliced on the longitude. I would pay $10 to have a box of the pickles delivered to my desk.
LA Bento - Turkey Havarti Sandwich

L.A. Bento :: Field Greens + Fennel + Tomato Salad with Shallot Vinaigrette

The field greens salad was a little over-dressed, especially for LA and especially since the shallots vinaigrette is strong enough to linger even after brushing my teeth twice and chewing Arctic Chill gum all afternoon. Obvious solution is to get dressing on the side, add to salad, then shake inside the little plastic container. However, this would hurl me back into a memory of McSalad Shakers.

Related but nonsensical note: eating fennel makes me feel like a food blogger.

LA Bento Field Greens Salad

Santa Fe Quinoa Salad with Lime Vinaigrette

Quinoa grosses me out a little because the grains look like microscopic condoms. This was a crunchy, chewy, mildly flavored microscopic condom salad.

L.A. Bento Santa Fe Quinoa Salad

L.A. Bento :: The Box

I love the design of this box. It feels wasteful to throw it away after finishing lunch, even to toss into a recycling bin. I would have used it for my laptop, but it’s just shy of fitting the length of my little baby mac.

LA Bento - clean design on box

Sarah is Also Redefining “Crazy”

However, the box is the perfect size for a lounge for Daisy!

I think she was a little nervous about being put into a “lunch box” given her size.

And the fact that I’m Korean.

And the many threats I’ve made about eating her as a taco because she’s so fucking cute.

Chihuahua in Bento Box

In a city whose streets and air are being choked by a glut of food trucks, it’s nice to have one little L.A. Bento delivering to you.

** L.A. Bento paid for my lunch today.

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