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Baby, who wouldn’t want to wrap herself up in DvF dress, prowl like a liger in peep-toe pumps, and balance a d-e-luscious drink between those magically manicured Black Satin nails at a cocktail party right about now? Even if it is a cocktail party of…*ahem*…one.

I would.

In fact, I’d even pour myself three Chocolate Orange cocktails, not only reneging on my flavorhate of all-things-orange except for, well, oranges, but shamelessly rescinding every evil thing I’ve ever said about sticky-sweet, fruity, choco, pebblicious, creamy dreamy drinks-as-dessert.

I would do all of it except for the Black Satin polish, which is a little too over-the-top trendy for me.

The Chocolate Orange Cocktail Party is just one of the bazillion items that are up for bid in the third annual Menu for Hope virtual auction. Food bloggers from around the world are working together with sponsors to raise funds that will benefit the United Nations World Food Programme. Every $10 donation “buys” a raffle ticket that the bidder places against an item. Bidding closes on Friday, December 22, 2006 after which time all the raffles will be drawn. Winners of each prize raffle will be announced on January 15, 2007.

So, if you’re hot for the Chocolate Orange Cocktail Party (prize code: UW39), well…sorry. Take a cold shower. The Chocolate Orange Cocktail Party has my name all over it, and I will outbid you even if it means that I have to eat Maruchan “chicken flavor” instant ramen for a month to afford it. I do believe these spell out “delicious”:

  • Modern Spirits Chocolate Orange Vodka
  • Godiva Chocolate Liqueur
  • metro-chic cocktail shaker
  • chocolate- and orange-flavored rimming sugars (stop giggling)
  • 8 stemless martini glasses
  • Cocktail Smarts game

For anything else on which you’d like to bid, there’s Mastercard. Which you can take right over to the Menu for Hope auction site at First Giving.

** a year ago today, sashimi and yook-gae-jahng together was clear indication that ADD runs in the delicious family **

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