Chocolate Orange – I Could Tell You, but Then I’d Have to Drink You Under the Table

chocolate orange cocktail party
It’s been a very dry month, hasn’t it? Miserable.

I couldn’t even enjoy a glass of sparkling pink on New Year’s Eve because of a fever. I drank it, but I just couldn’t enjoy it. There’s something about shivering in a lukewarm bath of oatmeal that takes “special” out of special.

But now, oh now, lovers, someone will be rimming a stemless martini glass with chocolate sugar, shaking Godiva Chocolate Liqueur with Modern Spirits Chocolate Orange, and having a fabulous cocktail or two (or *ahem* half dozen), lounging on a cashmere-upholstered settee somewhere. Ooh. La. Laaa.

The winners for each of the Menu for Hope virtual auctions have been announced, and playpals, someone has won the Chocolate Orange Cocktail Party. I’m so very sorry if it isn’t you. I could tell you who it is, so you could hunt him or her down to sent nasty emails, but then I’d have to drink you under the table.

Congratulations, Anonymous, you anonymous, lurking, shy, coy, deep dark secretive one, you.

Anonymous! ;)

** a year ago today, wilshire had forgettable food, but i’ll never forget **

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