Cholada Thai Beach Cuisine, Cucumber on Larb – The Delicious Daily 11.29.2009

Cholada Thai Beach Cuisine, Cucumber on Larb

Sunny and cool, just like November in LA.

Kanom Jeep: Steamed wontons with chestnuts and ground pork, topped with roasted garlic ($8.59)

More than anything, I was interested in the sticky sweet, Molasses like soy-based dipping sauce.

Menu, Traditional Favorites section

Prik King described as “down home” and “funky.” Didn’t know if that was “funky” as in “eccentric, jazzy hipster” (especially with the “down home” preceding it) or “funky” as in “fermented stank.” Obviously, didn’t order this.
Cholada Thai Beach Cuisine Prik King on Menu

Larb: Lemongrass and exotic spices blended with finely ground chicken ($9.59)

I always think I will like larb. Then I order it and hate myself for forgetting that I do not like larb. I will never order larb again anywhere. Until I forget and order it again.
Cholada Thai Beach Cuisine - Larb

Mint garnish on Larb

See what I mean?
Cholada Thai Beach Cuisine - Larb Mint

Bangkok Noodles: Ground chicken mixed with onions, tomatoes, celery, bell peppers and a hint of curry ($9.95)

I ordered Bangkok Noodles because my inner 11 year old was screaming out “bangkok,” in the 11 year old, two word spelling of that. The dish was like a very vegetable-heavy, curry-light Japanese curry on chow fun.

Cholada Thai Beach Cuisine

I love this tiny, beachfront shack. What I tasted of the food was decent but nothing for which I’d drive. The vibe is outstanding, something for which I will drive again. I also could be biased by the two glasses of “house” Chardonnay that paired terribly with every dish we ordered, but I think that’s part of the vibe.


Cholada Thai Beach Cuisine

18763 Pacific Coast Highway (PCH)
Malibu, CA 90265

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