Delicious Dozen Gifts for the Fashionable Foodista

delicious dozen gifts for the fashionable foodie


Can those two words be parts of the same sentence? Can they both be subjects of the same paragraph? Can food and fashion logically co-exist in the same context on a single page?

Of course they can. This is the web! Any (oxy)moronic concept can be made a virtual reality!

Have cream-cheese stuffed, custard-soaked French toast for breakfast, chase a BYOBurger with fries on three-peat for lunch, dine on truffled lobster macaroni and cheese for dinner, and still fit (loosely) into that Missoni minidress with horizontal stripes.

Just make sure she hides that slow-cooked BloggerButt behind a laptop and sends a “stand-in” to blogger meetups.

Recipes by Retail: Betty Crocker cooks Wal-Mart. She cooks Neiman Marcus.

Have Your Cake and Eat it, Too: Heavier than an over-sized Dior tote, Dean & Deluca’s Sweet Couture cake is made of vanilla cream, chocolate ganache and buttercream.

To Market, To Market: Shop Intuition’s Jaye Hersh’s “It” bag gets fresh at the Farmers’ Market.

Vintage Little Black Dress: Like an LBD that can work for any event, you’ll find a Little Black Dress wine that works for any occasion.

Fashion from Fish: Yves Saint Laurent “loves” caviar.

Epicurean Epidermis: Forget about sodium bloat from salty fish eggs. Fatten skin (and thin your wallet) with La Prairie’s $2,000 Skin Caviar.

That’s Hot: You’d love to get her a strand of Mikimotos, but thank God she’d rather have a strand of ceramic “pearls” that work as a trivet for hot plates and pots.

So Charming: A moment on the lips, a lifetime on the wrist.

Couture Cook: She wouldn’t dare risk getting a drop of that Hollandaise sauce on her DvF wrap dress (she wouldn’t dare eat that fat- and calorie-laden stuff either), so she’s got to put on an apron.

Do Dirty Dishes: Ruin her $30 French manicure to do dirty dishes? Not unless it’s Cynthia Rowley’s Dirty Dishes dinnerware.

Girls Love Pearls: The rarest of all the jewels of the sea is the Black Pearl, but she prefers to eat hers, not wear it. Vosges Haut Chocolat Black Pearl Bar is made of the finest dark chocolate and flavored with ginger and wasabi, all of which are good for her tight little body.

Baked Beauty: Her Size 0 dress will thank you for cookies she can’t eat.

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  • SteamyKitchen

    I need that apron. NEED. I’m using one my Mom gave me. It’s a 16 year old Maggi Sauce apron they sent her as part of the Maggi addiction club.

  • sarah

    jaden: yes! you should totally wear it when you go on tv!

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