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Pulitzer Prize-winning food critic Jonathan Gold reveals just how subjective (or not) he is when he reviews a restaurant {kinfolk}

So maybe now you want to be a food writer? Josh Ozersky has practical tips like “Take great pictures ,” “Write a book” (um, ok, I’m working on that?), and “Shmooze.” (isn’t the point of writing so that you don’t have to interact with people in real life?! ugh, fine.) {medium}

Pizzeria Bianco - Pizza Rosa recipe
Chris Bianco of Pizzeria Bianco, and the recipe for his legendary pizza on TasteSpotting {tastespotting}

Despite a dramatic childhood vow never to eat rice krispies treats again, I am taken with the Mister Krisp instagram account: all rice krispies, all the time {instagram}

When you’ve got nothing to say, text a taco.  (emoji that we still need in this life tho: avocado, pancakes… what else?) {the verge}

And until there is at the very least an avocado emoji, I will not be able to eat the Seven-Day, All-Emoji Diet like this woman {atlantic}
Hello Kitty Spam Musubi Sushi
Hello Kitty Spam Musubi. That’s all. (Though I am still wondering about that whole Hello Kitty’s NOT being a cat controversy.) {los angeles times}

Dunkin Donuts Santa Monica - still a line
It has been a month of waiting and lines for me, first with Szechuan Impression, then brand new Din Tai Fung in South Coast Plaza (post coming!), and now, the first Dunkin Donuts in LA, which opened last week. I waited almost a week for the hype to die down before going to check out what all the hype was about, and yet the line was still out the door and down the block on a Sunday morning at 9 AM. I might have to wait a few weeks.

But I guess it’s a good thing no carb-nuts: the Low Carb vs Low Fat health war wages on… and this week, Low Carb wins! {new york times}

Is the home-cooked family dinner really just a tyrannical fantasy that we have to let go? I’m neither (really) working, nor a mother, and I can barely put together a home-cooked family dinner twice a week for my family {slate}

I love women who intimidate me with their success: 50 Most Innovative Women in Food + Drink {forbes}

Sometimes you just need a website that does one thing, and does it very well, like answer a question: Is it Friday yet?

bonus: The first cookbook from Pastry Chef and Bakery Owner Zoe Nathan, titled Huckleberry for the Santa Monica bakery + café of the same name, comes out this Tuesday. Zoe hosted a “preview” brunch at her home this past weekend and I had the privilege of sitting at a table heavy with at least a dozen of the cakes, biscuits, breads, and other dishes from the book. Pictured in first photo above: mushroom croque monsieur, cherry tomato + goat cheese cobbler, vanilla raspberry muffins, and the cookbook cover model, fresh blueberry brioche {order Huckleberry on Amazon}

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