Delicious Dozen Links: Dogtown and K-Boys

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Just when you begin to tolerate the fishstank after repeated, olfactory-numbing exposure to its piscean putrescence…

Just when you realize that you can ask for dirty filthy soap as “cilantro on the side”…

Just when you perfect your pronunciation of it as the first third of “fu** you,” and not “faux“…

Just when you finally learn to like – not love, because you’ll never love, but like – Southeast Asian cuisine…

The food world turns your self-hating world upside down with a betrayal so rank it reeks its fermented cabbage fragrance to heaven.

In 2008, Korean (finally) becomes the new Southeast Asian, hurling me into yet another ethnoracial identity crisis that will require no less than thirty days of blogging-as-therapy, starting with a dozen links to show Baby, they’ve been waiting for me.

1. : You thought I was dirty when it comes to ramen? Korean girls are filthy.

2. America’s Next Top Model eats dog stew

3. Foreigners Favor Bibimbahp and Bulgogi

4. Korea’s Kimchi Addiction Catches on in the West – Will kimchee be the next salsa? At the very least, it’ll replace slaw on (bulgogi) burgers.

5. When asked about ethnic cuisine in American mainstream, Morimoto says Korean cuisine “may increase in popularity” – “may?”

6. Buzzword for 2008 Is “Korean”: Seoul Bros., In Seoul Café, and Jian Korean BBQ [Eater, Jan 01.08.08]

7. Chicken Fight in Koreatown: What has been going down on the East Coast for a year now has made its way west: Incumbent KyoChon vs Bonchon Chicken vs rookie BBQ Chicken

8. I Yam What I Yam: Mr Pizza Factory – Why I crush on J Gold: “a pizza that dreamed of becoming a plate of nachos but ended up flunking Spanish”

9. Pinkberry Finally and Officially “Frozen Yogurt”

10. The Golden Age (Not Golden Arches) of Sorabol Korean BBQ

11. Bringin’ the Kimchi to the DC and The New Airstream Cuisine in SF

12. Bulgogi Burger is real.

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