Delicious Dozen Links, “Economic Stimulus, My A$$” Edition

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1. Most Expensive Bottled Waters – Had I received a fat tax refund this year, maybe I’d never pay $36.75 per bottle of Bling water.

2. Expensive Items for the Rich – Hell, if I had just broken even, I’d still never spend $1,000 on foie gras sushi with caviar. A $20,000 Scrabble board is a different story, though.

3. Five Cheap Tricks – Instead, I owe a grip plus the promise of my first-born child (little does IRS know I may never have kids!) so I’ll be cooking whole chickens.

4. America’s Tastiest Streets [GOOD, Feb 2008] – Because other magazines’ Top Cheap Eats lists think $25 is a bargain.

5. Pay- What-You-Like Restaurants – Is it my fault I like to pay $2 for everything?

6. The Beater Blade – New KitchenAid Stand Mixer attachment that scrapes down the side of the bowl while mixing. I think I just might like saying “beater blade.”

7. – The Delicious Life now featured alongside other “top” food blogs

8. 2nd Annual Sanrio Bento Competition [in Japanese] – Silver medalist is bread-based? Asian don’t people don’t eat bread. Outrage! Where is the rice?!

9. East West Eats – at the Ferry Plaza Building in San Francisco, Thursday May 8. If you’re going, look for the fabulously-dressed 5’2″ Asian girl with sparkly eyes and a stunning smile. Say “hi!” It won’t be me, but it’s always good to introduce yourself to the hot women in the room. (I’ll be there, too, but I’m too shy to talk to you.)

10. Spicy Shrimp from the Indian Ocean – TerryB put to good (looking) use the winning copy of The Ethnic Paris Cookbook.

11. What’s for Dinner? The Pollster Wants to Know – You vote what you eat (based on UrbanSpoon).

12. Weekly food safety Terror Alert is an ethnically correct shade of yellow for Pulmuone Oriental Noodle Fried Dumplings with undeclared eggs. Also coming out of the undeclared closet: S’morestick Kit and KFC Double Chocolate Chip Cakes.

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