Delicious Dozen Links for the Long Weekend // 08.29.14

Just some things I liked this past week and want to share with you…

  1. Currently obsessed with: plums and pluots at the Farmers’ Market as pictured in my breakfast yogurt bowl above. The green ones, contrary to what your brain is telling you about “green” fruit’s being underripe and therefore tart, are the sweetest. {obsessed with}
  2. California is going to crack down on farmers’ market fraud. Fraud at the Farmers’ Market! {I think I’m supposed to file this under “first world problems?”}
  3. New Port Seafood opens in Beverly Hills this weekend, the 3rd location of a very well-known Chinese/Southeast Asian Seafood restaurant based in the SGV. I am not sure why I am excited about this, since I kind of don’t love lobster. Or any shellfish, namely crustaceans, really (see here and here). I have already made a reservation. It seems I am defenseless against the hype machine. {LA restaurants}
  4. However, I do not understand the hype around that place with the bowl of pesto-laced rice with pickled radishes, cheese, and a poached egg. The food is fine, but like…thisHirl, is funny about it. {LA restaurants}
  5. Speaking of hurling, this is a Salmon Cannon, a concept which makes you laugh at the utter ridiculousness, but might be the very simple answer to getting salmon up streams that people have blocked for their own dam purposes (literally!). So important to help the salmon thrive because, well, salmon are delicious. {video}
  6. More fishy video: How to Eat Sushi (p.s. You’ve Been Doing it Wrong) {video}
  7. The Los Angeles County Fair opens today (Friday)! August 29 – September 28, 2014 at the Pomona Fairplex. Good thing, since Fair Foods are on the 2014 Summer Bucket List. {LA}
  8. debate about the most important meal of the day, brunch.
  9. AdFreak orders and eats the entire Dollar Cravings Menu at Taco Bell.
  10. If that huge earthquake in Napa didn’t throw you into a dizzy wine-hoarding tizzy, then this news will: Rosé is running dangerously low in the Hamptons {major eyeroll}
  11. ** important ** Using antibiotics kills off the good bacteria in your gut and this somehow contributes to an increase in food allergies. *sigh* I wish I had been more aware of this 10 years ago. Even five.
  12. Everyone is going bonkers over these bear-hug cookies. I admit, I am, too.

bear hug cookies with almonds

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  • gracie

    The fact that this current society is so clean actually also contributes to allergies… as opposed to when kids used to run around the dirt all summer long. Early antibiotic use is also associated with increased mortality… Antibiotics save lives, no doubt about it. But patients coming in and demanding antibiotics for a sniffle they had last week? It contributes to a lot of badness, including hella crazy drug resistant bacterial strains that develop from antibiotic overuse. Sigh. If patients only knew.

    • TheDelicious

      Gracie, I feel all the feelings about antibiotics. I’m from a “medical family” and so much of how we treated things when I was growing up has been with medicine, including antibiotics! And yes, not that they are bad, but there is a very small, emergency time and place for them. I took antibiotics like they were cavity-saving candy every time I got any kind of dental work done, when I should have just really tried to let me healthy body keep infection away. Dermatology, dentists, etc… I think they dont need to rely so much on antibiotics… Anyway, just touching on the very surface of this! Thanks for bringing it up!

      • gracie

        I’m a pediatrician and I absolutely HATE the blatant abuse of antibiotics! I think it’s lazy medicine and it causes so much trouble! But the abuse of antibiotics definitely comes from both ends. Unfortunately, there’s not as much being done to curtail its use as we (the medical field) could probably do. It’s all sorts of awful, practicing medicine in such a litigious society but I suppose this all constitutes as first world problems… hehe. I just wish these first world problems didn’t cause more harm than good.

  • esion lin

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