Delicious Dozen Links: “Supply and Da Man” Edition

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Decreased Supply

1. How the Rich Starved the World – When “going green” takes food from the starving

2. Weekly Food Expenditures for Families Around the World [based on the book, Hungry Planet] – $1.23 feeds a family in Chad for a week. My medium coffee this afternoon was $1.29

3. Reviving the Ration Card – Import tax cuts, government subsidies, and cash transfers to feed poorer countries. It’s like upper division macroeconomics all over again.

Increased Demand

4. Rice rationing at Sam’s Club and Costco and butter shortage in Japan – Unnecessary supply action results in hysterical demand reaction

Change in Equilibrium Price

5. Objects on Your Plate May Be Smaller Than They Appear – Given the historical portion sizes of, say, The Cheesecake Factory and Claim Jumper, downsizing as a result of increased food costs is a problem…how?

6. How Much Your Groceries Will Cost in 10 Years – Breakdown by category – chicken, beef, rice, vegetables, etc. – of projected price increase. Best bet imho? Instant ramen.

7. 10 Meals on $10 – Not so surprisingly, AllRecipes has to keep “updating” these recipes because the price of food keeps going up.

And the Rest

8. When Bananas Ruled the World – When “Banana Republic” wasn’t a mass-cessible fashionably conservative clothing store

9. How to Tell Where Your Produce Comes From

10. Arby’s Owner Buying Wendy’s in All-stock Deal – curious about the deal, but even more curious about the possibility of a Frosty with my Beef n’ Cheddar

11. Cooking Mama Apron – Want.

12. Relative Investment: What if You’d Had $100,000 to Spend in 1998? – Bottom line: buy a piano.

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