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1689111_1476183002665116_1021757706_n{Korean catered buffet for friend’s Mom’s 70th (!!!) birthday, image from my instagram account, catering company information at end of this post}

  1. I consumed nothing but two McDonald’s coffees (ok, and half a bottle of wine) the entire day that I went to the downtown LA wholesale flower mart to help my friend prep for the above pictured party, so I can totally see how Koreans consume more coffee than rice and kimchi {korea herald via iamkoream}
  2. But at least I didn’t drink the wine by myself, even though that’s totally normal enough for the NYTimes Wine Critic to write a guide on How to Drink Wine at Home {new york times}
  3. And no, neither coffee nor wine will dehydrate you in your (misled) belief that you have to drink eight glasses of water a day {bbc}
  4. Cravings for fat and sugar peak at midnight until 4 AM, so that explains your midnight snack. But not mine; I’ve been eating kimchi straight from the jar! {atlantic}
  5. This entire blog is basically made for your midnight cravings. Or other post-something cravings. Mac and Cheese Pie. Crack Tots. Hash Brown Fried Meatballs. Doritos Fried Queso. {oh bite it!}
  6. More on food and health: yogurt, specifically probiotics, could affect not just your physical digestion, but your psychology {atlantic}
  7. If not with yogurt (and working amongst people), take care of your brain with fish. Just make sure the fish is safe to eat by checking the Environmental Working Group’s handy tool {ewg}
  8. This guy finally understood his priorities and quit his bazillion dollars-a-year salary job. (Of course, easy to do after you’ve been earning a bazillion dollars a year for a long time.). {time}
  9. I love lists, especially X Things to Do in Y Days kinds of lists, and especially “Life Lists” like this: 101 Things to Do in 1001 Days {design darling}
  10. Making David Chang’s Bo Ssam is on my list, so that’s happening this week *fingers crossed* {Momofuku Bo Ssam recipe on NYTimes}
  11. “You think you know someone, but you don’t. Not until you’ve flown on an airplane side by side.” {travel + leisure}
  12. And because sometime last week marked the first day of Fall (at least everywhere else except LA), let’s decorate as we do every year around this time, with decorative gourds, mother fuckers. {mcsweeney’s}

{GokJee Korean Food Catering, 170 S. Western Ave Ste A, Los Angeles, CA 90004 213.480.1800}

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