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chihuahua-halloween-hotdog-costume{the 64-ounce all-beef haute dog love of my life, miss daisy j. gim}

What a weird week, especially if you live in southern California, where it hit 100+ degrees in some parts of LA on the first day of October, the first full month of Fall, pumpkin spice lattes, and pets dressed in hot dog Halloween costumes.

  1. The latest trend in food: riding the extreme, junk food-heavy ‘snackwave.’ (which I’ve been doing since, well, since I could eat solid food.) {hairpin}
  2. And the best junk food of all, at least during tailgating season? Nachos. At every meal. For dinner, make them with Beer-Braised Carnitas. {bon appetit}
  3. Caffeine is actually doing the opposite of what you want and s l o w i n g  y o u  d o o o o o w n {quartz}
  4. Who is the original sriracha rooster artist, or who I would like to call “the original hot cock pornographer?” {modern farmer}
  5. Effective PSA or just my PMS? Budweiser uses a dog in a ‘Don’t drink and drive’ ad. {youtube}
  6. Sometimes, bloggers burn out. Honestly, I burnt out after two years of blogging; I don’t know what the hell I’ve been doing for the last seven years. {new york times}
  7. So I had to ask myself the ‘Seven Strange Questions that Help You Find Your Life Purpose.’ {mark mason}
  8. And Anthony Bourdain’s life advice (in which he does not actually answer the question ‘How does a man find his calling?’ {men’s journal}
  9. If one of the things that really matters in life to you is writing, here is How to Write {atlantic}
  10. The ‘thug’ writer(s) in/behind the Thug Kitchen is actually a young, very white, couple who live in Hollywood. {epicurious}
  11. You have to cook at home because that is like the equivalent of pheromones for the house. {apartment therapy}
  12. You Have to Fucking Eat, a children’s book that will get me banned from nannying my nieces and nephews {amazon}
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