Delicious Links // F.10.10.14

mulberry Street Pizzeria - spinach white pizza

  1. All that time and energy you waste on taking 147 photos to post a perfect #selfie WILL pay off! Literally: an app that connects media in need of images to your photos {scoopshot}
  2. Take out food + wine pairings by a NYC certified sommelier. Obviously, I need to do this little project for The Delicious Life — who’s in?! {thrillist}
  3. How to make the BEST pancakes — that aren’t MY BEST pancakes — using science {wired}
  4. Speaking of pancakes, Aunt Jemima’s family is suing for $2 billion in lost maple syrup damages. {fortune}
  5. If you can bake, and are willing to attempt a recipe with difficulty level: EXTREME (verbatim), Dominique Ansel’s official Cronut Recipe {abc}
  6. There is an underground network of Chinese cooks {new yorker}
  7. Do you know what GMOs are? Better yet, do you know what G M O stands for? Best: Do you know why they are considered “bad?” These people at an LA Farmers’ Market do not. {Jimmy Kimmel via takepart}
  8. October 10 is World Egg Day. October 11 is National Sausage Pizza Day. Next time I will plan blog posts and instagrams better {Food Holiday Calendar at TasteSpotting}

Just eight links for this post, mostly because I have brain fog after having an almost entirely gluten- and dairy-filled meal after a 30-day alcohol, dairy, gluten and sugar detox. I probably should have eased back into it instead of gorging myself on pizza, but I couldn’t resist. I am afraid for my first drink after this detox.

Incidentally, even with all the new (er (ish)) ultra-thin, floppy crust New York-style pizza places popping up in and around Los Angeles, I always seem to go back to Mulberry Street, which I am sure has absolutely no street cred with pizza/food people. But ratings and reviews cannot stand up to the overwhelming power of comfort, nostalgia, and memories of ex-boyfriends. I can’t tell you how many slices of that Spinach White Pizza I anger-ate after storming out of the apartment and “going for a walk” to cool down.

{Mulberry Street Pizzeria, Beverly Hills, Encino, Sherman Oaks, and Thousand Oaks,}

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