Delicious Links, ‘Decisions, Decisions’ Edition // 09.19.14

10707210_698962433515606_1261481485_n{National Cheeseburger Day was this past Thursday…In-N-Out or Fatburger?}

Should I or shouldn’t I: money, eggs (the chicken kind), men, kids (eggs of the human kind…?), and most importantly, iPhone?!

  1. We could have been RICH! Not sure you can trust the accuracy of calculation done by aging frat boys obsessed with mostly burgers, burritos and beer — but they’ve calculated how much a $1000 investment in in various food stocks in 2004 would be worth now — Chipotle, Starbucks, and…Popeyes? Hm, maybe there IS something to burritos after all. {thrillist}
  2. Maybe invest in Pop-Tarts? Sales of other “bad” packaged foods are down, but Pop-Tarts’ popularity increases with the ranks of kale, quinoa, and gluten-free bread {wall street journal}
  3. Where to get farm fresh eggs in southern California {Clarissa Wei for LA Weekly}
  4. To Re, or Not to Re… frigerate eggs (that is). The question still remains the same {npr}
  5. If you’re questioning your love relationship, if the answer isn’t “Fuck Yes, ” then the answer is “No.” I also think this applies to decisions in other parts of life. {mark mason}
  6. Same “choose amazing love” message, more compelling because it’s posted after the author passed away this past week. {HuffPo}
  7. But when it comes to the decision of having kids, maybe there is an in-between “I don’t know.” Finally, someone just comes out and articulates what I didn’t know I felt. {NYMag}
  8. This helps : DILFs of Disneyland. {instagram}
  9. If you’re thinking about whether to get the new iPhone but don’t want to pore over reviews, here is a 6-sentence review {the atlantic}
  10. How the wording on menus, restaurant reviews, anything is very important and interesting {new york times}
  11. What we think we taste and what we really taste when we drink wine. This is fascinating. {new yorker}
  12. Korean culture really IS taking over the world! K-drama My Love from Another Star to be made into an ABC series, so obviously I have to watch the original. So far, terribly awesome. {Hollywood Reporter}

Bonus Track: Web Editor is a dream job — if I actually had to go back to a real job job and lived in NY I would apply (and probably get it) — working on the internet, and obsessing over food in the usual home cooking and restaurant sense, but more importantly “as a relentlessly expanding culture that encompasses fashion, music, travel…” {bon appetit}

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