Delicious Wants to Buy You a Drink, but is Giving Away a Book Instead

bloody mary at brennan's
I made it. There and back.

On a plane.

Barring Ohio State’s heartbreaking loss to a team that has the ugliest colors on the planet, my trip to New Orleans was…many positive adjectives that I have to look up on because my brain is still recovering from the air roller coaster.

So, while I’m mindlessly uploading an obscene number of pictures (and by “obscene,” I don’t mean some of the pictures you will never see because I’m not quite sure I can legally post them for public viewing without an NC-17 warning), cropping them, airbrushing blemishes, and writing smart, witty, thoughtful and entertaining commentary (okay, that last part is a clear indication of travel-induced hysteria), I’m keeping you busy with a Book Giveaway!

in the land of cocktails
you need a drink

I know. You’re about to pop out of your pants with anxious excitement, aren’t you?

The utterly appropriate book is a brand new copy of In the Land of Cocktails, a collection of cocktail recipes from the proprietors of Commander’s Palace in New Orleans. (For the rekkid, the publishers sent me the book expressly to give away, so don’t think I actually spent money on you.)

Leave a comment on this post with your favorite cocktail. From all the hundreds! of thousands! of comments, I’ll randomly pick a winner. Since The Delicious Life is not bound by any corporate legal department, “random” could mean “I’ll pick you if I like your cocktail” or it could mean “I’ll pick you because you live nearby and the postage to send the book to you is within my 2008 budget.” Or, it could just be random.

Start now. You have until I publish my first trip review post when I’ll announce the oh-so-lucky winner. Given my track record, you probably have a few days.

Good luck, and please comment, even if you don’t want the book. A post with no comments is like The Delicious alone at the bar on her 4th cocktail, waiting for a date who will never show up.

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