Dine & Dish no. 1 – Bar Fly – Let’s Dish!

My first time at proposing a food blogging event for people who dine out, and with the inaugural theme of Barfly, there were almost a dozen players! I am now officially naming it Dine and Dish, and can’t wait for the next one – I have some crafty themes up my sleeve, and of course, will be passing restaurant tourguide duties around…

So for this month, without further ado, let’s gather around the table, shake off our hazy hangovers, and “dish,” shall we? (All photo credits to each respective blogger.)


Augustus Gloop, all the way down in Australia, commands us, Grab Your Fork! and enjoys a jewel-like jewfish under the very last lingering rays of summer at Pier 26 in Darling Harbour. Yes! It’s almost autumn in the southern hemispehere, imagine that! (A photo of the bar’s restroom, too!)

In all her Epicurean Debauchery, Alice, though based in San Francisco, snaps up a seat at Yaegaki, a tempura bar in Japan. It don’t get better than plate after plate of battered, deep-fried luscious lovelies. Next time she goes, maybe she can sweet-talk Kunio-san for the secret blend of frying oils.

Speaking of San Francisco, this just in via email from my favorite tax attorney (but don’t let that title fool you – he’s actually very very cool), Jason Russell. I posted his story here on the Delicious Life. He’s got a hilarious hankerin’ for biscuits, so is off to Town Hall, where he plays wingman for a friend. I must ask innocently, what’s a “meat whistle,” Jason?

The ever sexy, ever the sixybeast, Sam of Becks and Posh, goes all out on a proper pub crawl, visiting no less than four bars! How ever did she sober up enough after that Watermleon Wheat to post up a review and photos of Hi Dive, 21st Amendment, Hotel Utah, and Annie’s Bar?

Also in the Bay area, Fatemah of Gastronomie takes a short walk to get all shook up at Heinold’s First & Last Chance Saloon. How perfectly placed right there at the Jack London Square Farmer’s Market in Oakland for the food!


Still on the west coast, Mrs D. from Belly Timber goes to the Front Street Ale House in Washington, but opts for a seat in the window. Good choice – excellent view of the harbor, especially with Shepherd’s Pie and a pint of Moggy Mild.

Seattle Bon Vivant’s Viv also sits in the window of Palace Kitchen to enjoy some of Seattle’s late afternoon sun (take advantage when you can, right?) Two beefy burgers, and she’s found the only place in Seattle that still has her favorite 2002 Elvenglade Pinot Noir.

Ah, a girl from my home-state of Ohio, Lisa drowns her sorrows as a Restaurant Widow at the Rossi Bar. The availability of quality late night dining quite essential for Lisa the Waitress and her husband the chef.


Right here in Los Angeles, everybody’s favorite biology-professor-by-day, ___-by-night, Hermie, thwarted twice by missings bars, finally creeps into Gotham Hall on Third Street Promenade in Santa Monica. Did you see any superheroes, Hermie?!

And we have two professors! Orange County’s Professor Salt, asks You Gonna Eat That? as he hits up Honda Ya in Tustin, sloshing with sake and izakaya, Japanese small plates. Yes, Professor, we’re deifnitely going to eat that!

If one “delicious” here isn’t enough, head over to Delicious! Delicious! where Caryn adds another scene to her growing blog-screen-play with a visit to Rockenwagner, in Santa Monica. Chef Hans makes a famous pretzel burger, but to Caryn’s dismay, won’t part with the recipe!

Santa Monica and Venice seem to be a part of Amy’s Foodie Universe. She does a study of beer and burgers at the Library Alehouse on Main Street, then floats down to the Canal Club for a bit of sushi!

And last (but not least!) in our little “dishing” sessions, my two humble submissions. First at a bar bar, San Francisco Saloon, scaring all the barflies with my flashbulb fantasy of burgers and wings;

and second, purring prowl at The Hungry Cat, where we didn’t quite get the “bar” but we definitely got the “raw” of raw bar.

So there it is, y’all. Thanks so much for playing, and I think I am now quite enamored of eating at the bar. Or in the bar. Or on the bar. You get the picture ;)

(Oh, and if you’re just waking up, feel free to send me an email – it’s never too late!)

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  • Alice

    Wow, Sarah! This is such a fabulous write-up for a wonderful event! Thank you for hosting – I had a lot of fun writing my post and I can’t wait for the next one!

  • Jennifer


    I missed out on this one, but count me in for next time. I can’t wait to hear your “crafty” themes!

  • MEalCentric

    Congrats on such a good turn out! I am totally in for the next one.

  • Eve

    What a wonderful round up, sweetie! Great job to you and all the other bloggers/writers!

  • Eve

    What a wonderful round up, sweetie! Great job to you and all the other bloggers/writers!

  • MelCH

    What a great theme – but I’m surprised there weren’t more unusual interpretations of “bar,” though I like that tempura bar!

  • sarah j. gim

    i know! i had so many ideas… sushi bar, robata bar, wine and cheese bar (at a.o.c. in l.a.), but ending up at hungry cat’s raw bar (which isn’t really a “bar”) was pretty damn good :)

  • Helen (AugustusGloop)

    Wow. Love the broad spectrum of entries.

    Thanks for coming up with this fab idea and doing such a great job with the wrap-up. I love the preview image teasers!

    Can’t wait for the next one!

  • sarah j. gim

    yes, yes, y’all! i had tons of fun…and i could possibly have visited a different bar venue every other night. seriously.

    hopefully the next round, more people can play. it’s prety fun to see all the places from around the world (especially since i don’t get outside l.a. much).

    may’s theme to be posted fairly soon. i think this week!

  • Culinary Fool

    I’m so sorry I missed this. :-( As luck would have it life conspired to keep my from my normal barfly dining over the last few weeks – and here I thought it was going to be a slam dunk!

    I promise to participate next time and would love to host when you get around to dishing out the duties…

    ~ B

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