Dine & Dish no. 3 – Let’s Welcome the Freshmen!

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It was fun this month, yes it was. Trying a rookie restaurant that has yet to celebrate it’s first birthday. Picking on the first-years. Newbies (or “noobs,” if you are so inclined). Hazing the freshmen.

That was the charter for this third edition of Dine & Dish – and in the end, it seems that the freshmen did alright (except for one French transfer to the Bay area). I do marvel at the global representation in this class – it’s a veritable International Union!

Thank you to all thirteen of you who came out to play. This is just too much fun, and I can’t wait for the next one. Now onto the good stuff! (And of course, all photo credits to each respective blog)

THIS JUST IN: A blog cyber-crush that makes me swoon with his cooking and photography, Clement from á la cuisine! goes to brand new gelateria, Solferino Café in the St. Lawrence Market district of Toronto and tries no, not one, not two, not even a dozen, but all twenty-five flavors of gelato! A bit obsessive-compulsive? Absolutely, but in the most adorable way possible :)

Contributor to uber food blog, la.foodblogging, Rene, finally runs into Pistachio Grill after running by it so many times before on his oh-so-LA morning jogs. Alas! Rene finds out that a quick glance on as you’re running by can be deceiving, for this is Beverly Hills, after all, and Pistachio Grill is not as young as he thought! But since it’s new to him, his lamb kabob lunch counts!

Another uber food blogger LA girl Pauline, (and soon-to-be Midwesterner!), reveals her secret agent identity as Parachute Girl, and descends upon Market City Caffé in Arcadia. Pauline is pleasantly surprised by…mall food? But this one most certainly isn’t food court fare. Who knew you could get a luxurious pair of Manolos and lobster ravioli in the same place?

It’s a religious experience for Amy at Gingergrass, where she finds Vietnamese food, and though it’s “for white people,” it’s good! Foodie Universe is really unique in that Amy incorporates musical sub-titles into her food posts! Mako, you see, is her own Personal Jesus. After her delicious photos and descriptions, perhaps I’ll be born again Vietnamese as well ;)

All the way down-under, Augustus Gloop grabs a fork (or is it a pair of chopsticks?) and digs into the Malaysian, Singaporean and Thai foods at newbie Café Kutsuri. Ever had onionfoods? Augustus sure has – it’s the roti at Café Kutsuri that’s so good that it brings our dear sweet Augustus to tears!

Another freshman experience that elicits such emotion! Up in Oregon, McAuliflower gives lots of Brownie Points to Papa’s Soul Food Kitchen, for two sandwiches: fried catfish, and BBQ pulled pork so enormous and so tender that McAuliflower is certain it could feed an entire nation of toothless old men! In this case, perhaps it would be still-teething toddlers? :)

Also up along the western coast, B is no fool for the freshman! This Culinary Fool and fellow Seattle-ites head over to Del Rey and get very happy at the tail end the hour with fried halibut, fried clams, and fried…fries! Of course, I will *lament* along with you, B, for lack of good cocktails! But hey, maybe we give them another year to adjust, right? They are just freshmen, after all.

We all know Sam of Becks n’ Posh, who blogs, and works, and blogs,
and cooks, and even has time to dream up a meme, and blogs again…Super Sam with her hunky sidekick make their way to the
Monte Cristo Café, a french freshman that’s so new, it’s barely out of orientation week, leaving Sam sans bubbly, sans fois gras, and in then end, perhaps simply, sans. Perhaps this one will need more than a superhero to rescue it!

*sigh* The one I admire from afar… my Lonesome Hero, who documents a Year in Food in New York. He makes his first sherpa trek to Tibet via the Himalayan Yak. He gives this three month old Nepalese restaurant an 8 out of 10, but I wonder, Lonesome Hero, what the final score would have been if you had tried the goat brain or ox tongue!?!

Let’s take a peek into Hermie’s Head! The boy biology genius drops in on ISO, an asian fusion café in westwood for yakisoba and a teriyaki bento box. Not only is ISO asian fusion food, but it has an accessory fusion interior decor, with a lamp-handbag! And extra credit for the professor for yes, one-upping me in foodie flashbulb fantasies by taking food pix of complete strangers!

A freshman herself to Dine and Dish, but a senior in the food blog world, we wonder how the Skinny Epicurean can stay skinny with all her cupcakerie bakerie and this time for our delicious dishing session, her third visit to La Braceria! *tsk tsk* now, Mia. Freshmen are too young for that sausage food porn! ;)

I love the way Pam hazes this new freshman, Izayoi, as part of her ritual of Daily Gluttony. The girl got some sass, but admits that this Big Man on the Little Tokyo campus could kick her ass. It’s not just incredible sushi from chef Jun, but crazy izakaya as well.

Jennifer, who will always Taste Everything Once (and it seems if it’s dessert, Jennifer will taste it first!) finds her way to Ferrante’s, a café and shoppe in her hometown of Spokane for gelato and pizza. She is quite charmed that she got to make the acquaintance of such a charming freshman, but how much more interesting would it have been if Ferrante’s fit her other definition for “charming?”

Everyone knows Miss Viv by now – the Seattle Bon Vivant – who has had the eggs-traordinary (but rewarding, no less) task of rounding up last month’s 81 IMBB entries in not one, but two parts! And to think she could still make time on her schedule for a Tuscan dinner at Seattle’s Volterra of orechiette al ragu d’angello. That’s little ear pasta with lamb ragu if you haven’t made it through Italian 101 yet .

And last but not least, the big bully who wanted to pound on the freshman in the first place, little pugnacious moi. I made it to quite a few “new” restaurants in the past month because I am so lucky to have friends who wanted to celebrate my birthday by going out to eat! But who’s the freshman who makes it onto the Varsity team in the first year? It is Chameau – a dark, sexy, exotic-erotic French-Moroccan who transferred from Silverlake via camel.

So there you have it y’all! Thanks to everyone for ganging up on all those newbie freshmen with me this month! I had a blast!

Stay tuned…

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