Dine & Dish no. 4 – Around the World in 33 Rachael Rays

dine and dish no 4 - be rachael ray for a day
Dine & Dish no. 4 not only had a celebrity host, Sam of Becks and Posh, but our game this month was to be a celebrity host – the FoodNetwork host who we love to hate and hate to love, Rachael Ray.

Thirty three food bloggers around the world (the most Dine & Dish has had to date!) joined in on all the fun, putting on their quirkiest, perkiest personas to show off the best their cities have to offer for just forty dollars a day.

Thanks and an enormous *hug* to Sam for coming up with a brilliantly creative idea, for shamelessly posting a bikini-clad “photo” of herself (I’ve never tried marmite before, but based on that image alone, how could I not love it?! LOL! ), and for being a tireless and dedicated hostess in putting together such a detailed and entertaining dishing session. Thank you, Sam! I don’t know how any future Dine & Dish will live up to all the fun of this one!

Well, we can only try our best, so onward with Dine & Dish no. 5! Hopefully, a theme will be posted this week.

Drinking my way around LA for a food blog event… …$39.52
Alka Seltzer, Tylenol, and Gatorade for the morning after… …$11.00
Coffee to stay up until 2 am to post about all of it… …$2.25
Image of Sam as Rachael Ray permanently saved to my hard drive as blackmail priceless

for everything else, there's dine and dish

There are some meals in this world that $40 can buy

For everything else, there’s Dine and Dish :)

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1 parachute girl September 6, 2005 at 12:11 am

Actually 34 bloggers. I didn’t quite make Becks & Posh’s cut, but that’s okay. There were plenty of Rachael Rays in LA, and I had fun writing it anyway. :)


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