Dine & Dish no. 4 – We Have a Celebrity Host!

dine and dish
I am proud and honored to announce that for the next Dine and Dish no.4, we have a celebrity host! You all know her, the super girl with amazing taste and talent who tours San Francisco with her incredible French sidekick…it’s Sam of Becks and Posh!

She has come up with an absolutely brilliant theme, but I won’t reveal anymore. Her Dine and Dish post is hilarious and deserves a visit, if not just for a glance at the photo of Sam on the cover of FHM magazine ;)

We’ve got a whole month to explore our dining scenes before the deadline of Monday, August 22, so take the jump and see what Sam’s got!

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  • Anonymous

    Oh my goodness. I was reading your post on Bastille Day and, more specifically, a quote you inserted: “French [pronounced frounsch] bread, French fries, and to drink…Peru!”

    I KNOW that is from a movie or something with a foreign exchange student, but all I remember is the quote.

    I realize this isn’t food-related, but can you PLEASE tell me where that quote is from? I have been trying to remember for ages!

  • sarah

    hi anonymous! check the comments section of the post:

    break out champagne! let’s celebrate a jailbreak! the answer’s in there :)

    and if you’re too lazy to click, then you’re better off dead ;)

  • parachute girl

    Hey Sarah –

    Love Dine & Dish no. 4! Don’t know enough about my new area yet to partake, but I’ll definitely be reading. :)

  • sarah

    hey parachute girl! so glad you’re stopping in ;) maybe dine and dish would be a good way to get acquainted with your new ‘hood?!?! and don’t forget – sam also said that you can imagine it, too – so if you know of LA places, then you can just write what you would do here, you know? then you’re not spending any money! lol!

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