Dine & Dish no. 5 – Back with a Vengeance

dine and dish number 5
Dine & Dish was on a little hiatus, because, well, time flies when you’re eating fun and the end of summer seemed to blast right past me! But it’s back, and it’s time for the 5th installment.

In case it doesn’t ring any bells, Dine & Dish is an online food blogger event in which bloggers take a month (or more or less depending on how cranky I am) to dine out. Then on a given day, everyone posts their experiences on their blogs, and shortly thereafter, a deliciously juicy dishing session of everyone’s adventures gets posted here.

We’ve had four so far…For our inaugural D&D, all of us social butterflies landed at bars of all sorts to have a bite for Barfly. Our second helping was served up by the Queen of Cuisine, giving mad props to the women who run kitchens and restaurants like nobody’s business. On our third go ’round, we hazed the Freshmen, restaurants that are less than a year old. And who will ever forget the fourth edition with our celebrity guest host, Sam, for Rachael Ray for a Day!?!

And now, I give you the theme for this month’s Dine & Dish…


In Novemeber we’ll be eating a lot of heavy holiday foods (at least in the US) – roasted meats, root vegetables, butter, cream, herbs…so why not give ourselves a little break and go out to eat at an Asian restaurant?

It doesn’t matter if it’s that Chinese dive on the corner, Japanese izakaya, Thai, or Vietnamese; I’d even challenge us to try something slightly off the eaten path…Burmese? How about Cambodian? Extra points for you if you find an Asian cuisine that no one else tries!

There are no hard and fast rules here – just fun and food, but just in case there is someone who likes to have guidelines:

1. Interpret the theme as you wish – ASIAN PERSUASION
2. Go eat any time betwixt now and Tuesday, December 6, 2005 (I know, it’s not that much time, but hey, all the better reason to go out NOW before all Holiday Hell breaks loose!)
3. Write about it on your blog anytime on or before the 6th.
4. Email me the link
5. I will put a nice, neat little summary of all the experiences, linking out to everyone else’s posts on Wednesday, December 7th (or a teeny bit later if I get lazy).

Now, let’s all give in to the Asian Persuasion!

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  • Stephanie

    Without even asking, I know Matt will heartily endorse this one!

    Any excuse to eat Asian…now, if we can just find a restaurant with a few vegetarian options. Pickings are slim in Knoxville…I miss Oakland. I miss Isobune, and Great Wall!

    Anyway, count me in.

  • Rachael

    Sigh. I WANT to join in, but I also have a serious aversion to taking snaps at dinner…(Whenever I want to, I always think of you saying how great it is to be Asian in that regard…you just look like a photo happy tourist. Always makes me smile…) maybe I’ll do lunch instead. Someplace unpopular. By myself. In a secluded booth…well anyway, count me in.

  • Daily Gluttony

    Oooh yay! I was wondering when Dine & Dish was coming back! =) This is going to be so much fun!

  • Kirk

    Sarah – Is Filipino OK?

  • sarah

    stephanie: woo hoo! i can’t wait to see asian in knoxville ;)

    rachael: you don’t ever have to take pictures! just write about it! or you can cheat and order it in…:)

    pam: ah, an OG d&d-er! can’t wait to see what kind of asian you’ll find in…l.a.! lol!

    kirk: ANYTHING asian…though i will be honest i may have to check with some filipina friends because i’ve never been quite sure if filipino is asian.

    but no FUSION!!

    (did i mention i have very strong feelings about asian “f*ew*sion”? LOL!)

  • djjewelz

    PF Changs it is for me!!! NOT!

  • sarah

    here’s just a funny incident re: pf chang’s…

    for my old work , i used to do marketing, so i would get a lot of samples in the mail of ways to get clients, etc. and one of them was a zagat guide with our company name to give to potential clients as gifts.

    so zagat sent me a US zagat guide and i just recently looked up milwaukee, since that’s where i was going for my vacation, and PF Chang’s was in there as a top-rated restaurant!!! lol!

    oh well.

    i thought it was funny. just like it’s funny that CPK and the cheesecake factory are two of the most popular restaurants in l.a.


  • Anonymous

    Thank goodness it’s back. We were beginning to wonder what happened to this event…

  • Anonymous

    Check this out.

    korean food

    You must have a crystal ball…

  • Rachael

    Hey! What ever happened to this????

    Any chance your going to have a round up?


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