Dinner and a Movie – Hit the Salad Bar

from the salad bar at whole foods market
Oh, for shame. Reduced to the salad bar yet again. But this time, to see if $6.99/pound is really worth it at Whole Foods Market. Is it worth it?

Pretty? Yes. Tasty? *shrugs* I guess.

No, not worth it.

Especially when it’s just Bugsy. On tv, for fox ache!

And what salad ever weighs just one pound? Dressing alone is at least 4 ounces! Even if it’s lite Ranch. *sigh*

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  • Meena


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    The rules are simple:

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    – Meena

  • sarah

    lacheesemonger: one comment for you – i don’t find russell wong all that attractive. :)

    divine diva: thank you for the invitation! if my incredible schedule filled with glitz and glamour ;) permits, i’ll definitely participate!

  • Anonymous

    There is a place, not a major market or restaurant, but a small place in Santa Monica that has a great salad bar, but I can’t remember the name…It’s not exactly cheap either, but the stuff they have is GREAT!

  • sarah

    so, i did a little searching and asking because i was inspired by anonymous’s comment. it is…

    mrs. winston’s green grocer on ocean park blvd!

    woo hoo! and i just might try it out one of these days. though, the “w” is this weekend, after which i will be eating pizza, bbq, french fries, fried chicken, and of course, benito’s. and that’s just the first day. LOL!

  • Bandini

    6.99 a lb is too much for a salad. You can buy all the ingredients and make 20 salads for that.

    on another note the whole foods sandwhich deli officially sucks in my opinion.

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