Dog Meat and Final Four Rah! Rah! Rah! – Delicious Dozen Links, week ending 4.5.08

dog meat in korea, blueberry yogurt recall, free rice
With dog meat and the Final Four, I couldn’t help but go back to my old high school cheerleading days this week, remembering those games when we played the Bulldogs…

What do you want?! What do you want?!
Dog meat! Dog meat!
How do you want it?! How do you want it?!
Rah! Rah! Rah!

1. Anger as Seoul Aims to Reclassify Dogmeat.

2. This week’s Food Safety Terror Alert: a depressing shade of Blue for the glass and plastic found in containers of Stonyfield Farms Organic Fat-Free Blueberry Yogurt. (Is it coincidence that blue also happens to be the color of every team in the Final Four?!)

3. I am absolutely addicted to FreeRice, especially since the vocab/rice exchange rate is going up.

4. Grilled Cheese Invitational is April 19 in a secret location in LA, and if you’re in the Pacific Northwest, do it at the Seattle Cheese Festival.

5. Slip into the Bacon Bra to turn him on, and when he finally gets it off, bake a Bacon Cake for dessert.

6. First Snoop Dogg drops it like they’re hot dogs, Coolio cooks, and now Li’l Jon makes wine. What’s next? Ice Cube…oh, never mind.

7. US Food Shoppers Hit the Highway to Save a Buck – going from Target to Wal-Mart is downgrading?

8. The real top chefs – First James Beard announced their nominees, now Food & Wine (ignores LA), and Forbes

9. sold for $2.6 million to an anonymous bidder. Anyone want to buy Email me! I give you good price!

10. 90th Anniversary Edition KitchenAid Stand Mixer will have glass bowls. I want one for my Pink Princess.

11. Why am I craving sushi…? – Maybe because sushi is The Awesome?!?!

12. How to Make a Unique Diaper Cake – We should have thought of this for our baby showers

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