Dom Pérignon Rosé 2000 ‘Wild Panther’ {wine} + Purple Mani with Pink Purple Leopard Accent {manicure}

Dom Perignon rose vintage 2000 wild panther bottle label, purple manicure

Sometimes, surviving the first half of the first day of the week is reason enough for Dom Pérignon Rosé Vintage 2000 ‘Wild Panther.’



purple mani with pink purple leopard accent

pink purple leopard nail stickers
Pink Champagne with a ‘Wild Panther’ label screams for a leopard print pairing, and though hand-painting pale pink and black leopard spots onto a metallic purple base is not difficult, applying a matching nail sticker is so much faster and cleaner. I thought the stickers would either fall off too easily, or stick too well that they would peel off the top layer of my nails when I tried to remove them. Neither the case. Even with my obsessive flu-fueled hand washing, the stickers stay on.

These stickers are by Kiss, 21+ different designs, available in most drugstores. The metallic purple base nail color is Maybelline Color Show ‘Amethyst Ablaze,’ also available in drugstores, Target, etc.

The Rosé Champagne was a treat from a generous friend. It is available here and there, though the ‘Wild Panther’ label seems rare.

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