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marix tex mex cafe, west hollywood, ca
LA isn’t a big happy hour metropolis. People here don’t celebrate Happy Hour, and yes, the word is “celebrate” because that is what I want to do when I leave the office ;) Because there aren’t a lot of people who go out at happy hour, not too many restaurants offer Happy Hour. Since there aren’t many restaurants that offer Happy Hour, people have nowhere to go for happy hour. It’s all just one vicious cycle, spiraling downward until all that’s left is Sarah sitting at her desk minutes before 5 pm, a crouching tiger behind the cubicle wall, mixing a can of Diet Coke from the vending machine with vodka from you-don’t-wanna-know in a coffee mug, toasting her chat buddies over IM.

I swear, that wasn’t me last week. Really. Really.

But it doesn’t seem that Los Angeles even cares that there is no real happy hour culture here. There never has been, so it’s not something that they would miss. The idea of it never even occurs to them since most people work long past the appointed happy hour anyway, and by the time they actually do leave the office, it’s so late, they just want to get on the freeway and make that half hour to 45-minute commute home. And there’s certainly no way they’d do that commute happily buzzed on too many $2 drafts. That might turn into a Lohan/Benz incident.

No, the only people I know who talk about doing happy hour are friends who have tranplanted here from Happy Hour heavy cities like Chicago, Milwaukee, Minneapolis, even friends from San Francisco and New York. In those cities, the working population is not so grossly dependent on auto (self) auto (car) transport. Public transportation makes it easy for co-workers to travel en masse to a local bar, get happy to the point of stupid, and then disperse on a relatively safe, DUI-free commute home.

I can’t even imagine how nice it would be to actually have a decent bar within reasonable traveling distance of my office, and then be able to get home (safely) happily buzzed, lugging my laptop on the Big Blue Bus at 10:00 at night. I only have places like Pacifico’s near here, and places like James Beach, Canal Club, and spots along Main Street in Santa Monica like World Cafe and Lula aren’t reasonably close.

So I have to travel all the way up to West Hollywood, even less reasonably close than Santa Monica both in distance and in traffic travel time, but it happens to be the most central location to me and friends of mine who used to live in Wisconsin and Nebraska, and now live/work spread out all over this sprawling “city.” On my 48-minute drive along Robertson Boulevard (three times longer than it should have been), I cursed every single over-sized luxury SUV pulling out of high-end furniture stores and rug galleries before finally arriving at Marix Tex Mex Cafe.

marix tex mex cafe, west hollywood, ca - margarita
maragarita in a wine glass is so…small

I was first of our group to arrive, but definitely not first in the restaurant. The few high bar tables in the tiny “atrium” area in front were already taken with smokers (ashtrays on the tables), and about three quarters of the regular tables covered with green picnic-checked tablecloths in the small, open-air dining room were filled with diners munching on chips, salsa, and other early bird dinners. I skipped to the back, sat down at the bar next to an odd couple, ordered the house “hora feliz” margarita and watched. It’s okay, it’s West Hollywood, I had sunglasses on, so no one could tell I was staring. And they didn’t see me give the server “the look” when my margarita arrived in a wine glass. I don’t mind that it’s a wine glass, but a wine glass just seems so much…smaller. LOL!

marix tex mex cafe, west hollywood, ca - chips and salsa
after happy hour, chips are still free ;)
marix tex mex cafe, west hollywood, ca - appetizer plate of chimichangas, quesadillas, nachos, tacos, and taquitos with guacamole, pico de gallo and sour cream
perfect for girlie grazing

When the boys finally arrived happy hour was coming to a close, and I made them quite aware of it. ;) I had finished my wine glass margarita and was ready for another. We moved to a regular table and ordered a pitcher, so I promptly forgot about how late they were. Gabbing like girls, we shooed the server away with “We’re not ready” each time he came back to take our order, and before we knew it, we had finished three quarters of the pitcher, all of the chips, and three refills on the salsa. We finally ordered the Marix Sampler Platter to share. One appetizer to share amongst three people? I laughed at how obnoxiously LA we were being.

The sampler platter really is big enough to share with three, and if we really were all girls, it could have fed five. Marix isn’t authentic Mexican cuisine or regional like Oaxacan. It is Tex-Mex, which is a whole cuisine unto itself, and one of my favorites, having grown up on it San Antonio. I do love so many of the Mexican restaurants in LA, but I have to say that I will forever be an Old El Paso, refried beans and guacamole, Tex-Mex girl. The sampler platter had everything I remember from restaurants on the Riverwalk with strolling mariachi bands – chicken and beef chimichangas, quesadillas (there I go again!), nachos (my all time favorite), chicken soft tacos, and taquitos. Some of the items were
slightly overcooked, leaving the shells of the deep-fried chimichangas and taquitos a little hard and crunchy rather than crispy, and the fillings a touch dry. Guacamole, pico de gallo, and sour cream are exactly what that is for, though I was disappointed that the guacamole was a thin green sauce rather than a thick, chunky mess of avocadoes and onions with garlic, cilantro and lime juice.

The food isn’t exceptional, but that’s not really the point of Marix Tex Mex Cafe. The point is to go at happy hour, wear your sunglasses, watch the eye candy grow progresively more attractive (but still, all the same unattainable) as the levels in the margarita pitcher fall lower and lower, and of course, share a chimichanga.

As we left, a crispy-tanned, silver-haired man in a south beach shirt unbuttoned-to-there tapped my arm to let me know how faaaaab-you-lous my bag was. He made my night. :)

Marix Tex Mex Cafe
1108 North Flores Street
West Hollywood, CA 90069

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  • Xericx

    I work in Santa Monica. There are tons of happy hours around!

    Woot woo!

    Father’s office (ok..don’t count)
    Cabo Cantina
    Promenade area
    etc etc etc

  • Tracy

    Another foodie! =) I’m adding you..Come visit mine!

  • Sugah Sim

    Plenty of happy hours in Dallas, Tx., Dahling. Best of luck to you. Bellinis all around!

  • sarah

    xericx: i am hope hope *hoping* that my job search will find me in an office in santa monica! i’ve always loved toppers for the view, but ever since they changes their “look” several years ago, i have only gone back a few times. it feels too corporate. how is cinch for happy hour? i mean, it can’t be any worse than eating an actual dinner there, LOL!

    hi tracy!eating in l.a. – my kind of girl ;)

    pixystik: ah, i am jealous! bellinis? i thought those were reserved for sunday brunch! lucky!

  • Anonymous

    i’ve eaten there. YUCK.

  • e d b m

    damn, i should’ve ordered that sampler platter. by the time we got our main course, we were already half drunk and full off the complimentary chips.

  • sarah


    dylan, mexican joints for happy hour are my biggest baddest downfall. i drink way too many margaritas and eat way too many chips with salsa.

    oye. that’s why places like…lula, el cholo, toppers, even *ahem* baja cantina are horrible. SELF SERVE CHIPS?! are you kidding me? i’d just plop myself down right next to the buffet table and eat straight from it.


  • Anonymous

    Goodness – you went to Marix and ordered the sampler platter? No wonder you thought it was bad food. If you ever give it a chance again, please do order something that doesn’t include deep fried tortillas – so amateur. Marix has a great menu which includes fresh vegatables and spicy sauces. Try the spicy soup with an egg in it during Sunday brunch. You’ll be surprised after trying some fresh dishes how your attitude will change. You may even forget about “Old El Paso” fast food.

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