Double Dose of Dining Out in August

dine and dish no 4
Next Monday, August 22, is the deadline for Dine and Dish, a virtual food blogging “event” for us to dine out wherever we live, then gather round the global cyber-table and dish it out! For this 4th edition, our first ever celebrity host, Sam of Becks and Posh, wants each of us to give Rachael Ray a run for her money by challenging us to show off our respective cities for $40 a day. If you haven’t already scanned the list of Top 25 Cheap Eats (for L.A.), clipped coupons, and taken advantage of half-price drink specials at happy hour, you still have the rest of this week and the weekend to cruise around town on public transportation to eat like a prince for the price of a pauper. To Be Rachael Ray for a Day, and more importantly, to ogle a sassy shot of Sam that would make any budding cover model sweat her job, pop over to Becks and Posh. Myself? Maybe I’ll just grab free samples from the local farmers’ market during the day, then blow the entire forty bucks in one shot on…

4th annual dine out usa presented by share our strength and san pellegrino

…the 4th Annual USA Dine Out. Monday through Friday of this week and next (August 15-19 and August 22-26), San Pellegrino and Share Our Strength present the fourth annual fundraising event across the USA to fight childhood hunger. Participating restaurants in San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego and Chicago will offer a three-course prix fixe lunch for $20 or dinner for $35. For every Dine Out meal that is served, San Pellegrino, the sponsoring company, will donate $1 toward Share Our Strength. LA’s list even includes restaurants like Celestino, Doug Arango’s, Lucques, Norman’s, and Michael’s.

Now let’s go make some reservations!

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  • Stephanie

    Sarah..for you, I can wait another day! Please try to get something in no later than late Friday/early Saturday morning…I have most of the entries in round-up form, so it won’t be difficult to add yours.

    Tapas are fantastic; I’m sure you’ll do fine!

    And yes, feel free to add this event to your list…and thanks!

  • Anonymous

    Thanks so much for posting these reminders all the time. The listing in the sidebar with links is so incredibly helpful, too.

  • sarah

    just so anyone who opens up and reads the comments…

    stephanie is the happy sorceress who is hosting her first virtual blog party! the deadline to make and post up cocktails and cocktail foods is actually today, so i guess we better get crackin’!

    anonymous: thanks. i am very very OCD/AR when it comes to planning, scheduling and lists and all that stuff. :) but for some reason, i always end up turning stuff in soooo late! lol! like i am going to post my SHF entry tomorrow. A WEEK LATE! LOL!

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