Strawberries and Cream Stuffed French Toast – End of the Month

strawberries and cream cheese stuffed french toast
The End of the Month Eggs on Toast Extravaganza is an online blogging event that is so relaxed that our host, Cook, Sister! hasn’t even reminded us all about it yet! But I’ve been waiting to make a good fat Strawberries and Cream Stuffed French Toast for a while so I just couldn’t wait.

Usually, it’s a big thick slice of bread that is sliced only partially to create a pocket, but for some reason, that makes the whole thing lopsided, and doesn’t let me get as much good stuff in there. That’s no good!

Instead, I took two whole slices of bread, and pulled out some of the bread in the center of each making a big divot on each slice. I tossed these crumbs – what a waste! I suppose I could have dried them and saved them for breadcrumbs later, but *shrugs* Then the divots were filled with softened cream cheese – that’s the “cream” – and topped with sliced strawberries that have been tossed with sugar – that’s the “strawberries” ;) Put the slices together, and I swear I wanted to take a bite of it like a sandwich right there, but then…I’d have to cook something else for eotmeote!

The bread was a little dry, so it soaked up the egg and cream like sponges, and I’d love to say I had planned it that way, but I must admit, I was just lazy, letting the bread go slightly stale like that. I’m almost positive this was the way French toast was invented in the first place – to use up stale, old bread.

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  • Sam

    It looks fabulous.
    In england I was bought up on a savoury version of french toast called “Eggy Bread”. I made it for fred the other day, but he didn’t really like it because he said the bread was too soggy in the middle.

  • Nic

    I’m loving this idea, Sarah. Usually, with stuffed french toast, the bread is so thick that the egg mixture never gets all the way through and the whole thing ends up being very dry. Clearly not the case here. And I love your gorgeous photo!

  • Zarah Maria

    Boy that looks good! Would it be considered foodie-insanity if I made it NOW, when it’s 1.40 am here? Oh wait, no strawberries in the kitchen… will have to wait then. SIGH!

  • Eve

    wow sarah! those look incredible!

  • Reid

    Hi Sarah,

    This looks so delicious, I feel like having some right now! Thank you for sharing such a wonderful idea with us!

  • Helen (AugustusGloop)

    Oh that’s just sinfully good.

  • Anonymous

    Wow, who knew French toast could look so incredibly delicious, even after a full breakfast!?! Looks great. Bet you could charge $12.95 for that in a restaurant!

  • sarah

    thank you all!

    sam, i was trying to think of a savory way of doing it, and thought of maybe stuffing it ith spinach! but alas, my sweet tooth always wins out ;)

    and actually, i should have soaked it longer in the eggs and cream because the bread was still a little dry toward the center, but i was too afraid that it would all just fall apart if it got too sopping wet.

  • Jeanne

    OMG – I feel my thighs expanding just LOOKING at that! There are tons of strawberries in the stores just now so I may have to try that… And I can always tell myself it’s healthy because of the strawberries…;-)

  • Lex Culinaria

    Sarah – your photo has been awarded the most points for eatability in the June edition of Does My Blog Look Good In This? – come check it out at

  • stephen

    Hey Sarah…congratulations on the DMBLGIT eatability victory! I knew it was a winner the moment I saw it…

  • Ruth Daniels

    congratulations on the DMBLGIT win. It does look incredible, I’m drooling as I write.

  • Tanya Ryno

    This looks absolutely amazing! I’m a health nut, but this will definitely be making it’s way to my table!!

  • Anonymous

    Yes, I think that *is* actually related to the origins of French Toast, since in French it’s called “pain perdu” (sp?) which means something like “bread that was no good anymore”–may also be related to pre-Lenten clearing out of eggs, butter, etc.

  • Nuno

    Here in Portugal french toasts are more of a X-mas sweet, and it comes with a sugar and cinnamon syrup… it´s great! But these – with strawberries – look absolutely delicious. Congrats, and greetings from Portugal (stumble rocks)

  • Kevin

    That french toast looks so good!

  • momentumoffailure

    Oh wow! Too tasty looking NOT to repost:

    Im gonna be making this for me and the lady friend this weekend. YUM!


  • Tami

    Gorgeous! I just had to follow the picture to find the recipe! It’s too pretty to eat…but I think that I could manage to do it anyway!

  • AgentStarling

    I have clicked on this picture and on several links within the article but I don’t see the RECIPE. What. The. Hell???

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