Fast Food Fix and Hungry Girl – Because the Real World Hates Your Bikini

The Delicious Life Cookbook-a-Day Giveaway
Fast Food Fix and Hungry Girl

Turbo Giveaway: Let’s just start by leaving a comment on this post to win either Fast Food Fix or Hungry Girl: Recipes and Survival Strategies for Guilt-Free Eating in the Real World. I’ll be back shortly to fill in the details.

2500 Recipes, BBQ Bash, and Grilled Pizzas & Piadinas are also all still waiting for your love…

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  • Sharon

    Hmm, I sure do need some survival strategies. Crossing my fingers…

  • Meghan

    I am still crossing my fingers for the 2,500 Recipes but my oh my does the hungry girl look good! We are in a weight loss competition at work and my “job” is to email healthy recipes every week, that book would sure come in handy!!!!!!!

  • freeway-J

    I’m not a girl, but I have a wife and a daughter; I guess they need to eat too?

  • teri48xxx

    I’m a hungry girl. And living on my own I need survival strategies. Luckily, I know how to make simple foods that will get me by for the time being. Canned foods count right?

  • brewinphan

    Since I do all the cooking, it would be cool if my wife could learn something from the hungry girl guide. She ate a whole lot of sandwiches and cereal before we met.

  • d*

    ooh I could use Hungry Girl!

  • glutster

    those books are awesome!

    I remember i memorized a whole recipe while reading them at my library.

  • Michelle

    Agreeing with everyone – the Hungry Girl sure looks useful.. =)

  • lauren

    I flipping LOVE Hungry Girl!

  • Merna

    My daughter would love Fast Food Fix — I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

  • ashley


  • Doowite

    I’m not a girl, but I _am_ very hungry, Sarah.

  • Chuck

    My hungry girlfriend could use Hungry Girl…

  • LM

    I am definitely a hungry girl (well, woman), just trying to survive in a bikini-filled world (never worn one, never will… at least not in public).

  • Michele

    I’m a lady… ummm chick…ummm … Ohh ohhh I got it….a “Hungry Girl”!!!!!

  • FranMag

    Hungry Girl sounds interesting. I’ll take that one. What? There’s a drawing? And my name has to be picked first? I think I’m getting the hang of this now. :-)

  • Ari

    aah, i love hungry girl, i read her e-mails daily at work!

  • Kaitlin

    Either of these sound lovely. I am both a hungry girl and someone who is occasionally in need of a fast food fix. Imagine that.

  • jkru

    I’m a girl and I’m indeed hungry and the cinnamon rolls i just tried to make are mostly a disaster, so I need some inspiration!

  • dessertobsessed

    both books look delicious!!!

  • ::Joey Alizio Jr::

    But… But… I Love Big Fat Girls!
    Juicy Hugs to all of you! Joey A.

  • Grace

    hungry girl = me. all the time. even after a huge meal and dessert. i think i might have a problem. :)

    case in point: at any mexican restaurant, i’ll devour a monstrous plate of food and, perhaps, copious drinks. plates are cleared. i continue eating chips and salsa. :)

  • sarah j. gim

    sharon: survival in what?

    meghan: you should also check out the hungry girl website – you can sign up for THE hungry girl’s email updates!

    freewayJ: they do need to eat, but if you’re saying your wife and daughter need to eat guilt-free, that might be messed up

    teri48xxx: canned foods count. i mean, otherwise, what is all this SPAM i’ve been eating?

    brewinguy: if i were your wife, why? why would i learn if i have you?!?!

    donut: and i sure did say you can win more than once!

    teenage glutster: wait. uh, you memorized a recipe from one of THESE books?

    michelle: and who’da thought the hungry girl book woul dbe the most popular in this giveaway?

    lauren: she might be yours!

    merna: it’s quite an interesting book

    ashley: you’re in it to win it

    doowite: you don’t need to BE a girl. it’s recipes FROM a hungry girl

    chuck: but don’t forget…it’s guilt free eating so she might still end up…hungry

    lm: and if you’re not in public, why wear a swimsuit at all?!?!?

    michele: yes you are

    franmag: after 18 days, you get it now! :)

    ari: well then, hopefully you’ll win the Fast Food Fix

    kait: you know what’s funny? when i get a fast food craving, the LAST thing i want to do is COOK it – kind of why i didn’t quite get the book in the first place

    jkru: lots of inspiration in either of these books

    dessertobsessed: and there ARE desserts in both!

    joey: oh, then you’re on the wrong post :) go check out the post for A Love Affair with Southern Cooking

    grace: on chips and salsa – honey, you and i would get along almost famously ;)

  • LaLa Brat

    I’m always hungry

  • Megan

    I need some guilt free recipes!!!

  • Lisamarie

    Hungry Girl pleaseeeee!!!!!

  • Caroline Marie

    I’m a true hungry girl, so that looks like a great one for me!

  • H. C.

    Saw Hungry Girl @ a Borders and curious about the recipes — the cover artwork reminded of that “Deceptively Delicious” book though– broccoli in brownies, cauliflower in mac ‘n cheese, anyone? *shudders*

  • Kate

    Healthy options of my more caloric favorite foods can’t hurt.

    And it does resemble Deceptively Delicious, but at least it’s not aiming to deceive kids who then won’t grow up with any kind of healthy attitudes about food.

  • Craig

    With 3 nieces in tow, I have hungry girls around me all the time.

  • Gina

    This hungry girl could use some serious survival strategies… Especially now that there are other hungry people around who are delightful, and need some quick lessons in, y’know, how the stove will not eat them (unless they are very well basted) if they attempt its perilous surfaces for anything other than as a place holder for the ice cream.

  • Toystory

    Love to have the “fast food fix”.

  • katie m

    I’ve heard a lot about the Hungry Cookbook, and it sounds fun! I would love to win it!

  • Anonymous

    I know what you did.

  • sarah j. gim

    lalabrat: me too! why is that?!?! and it’s not like i have this super subhuman metabolism that just digests and processes all that food

    megan: working on it….

    lisamarie and caroline marie: wait, are you two sisters?

    hc: because the covers both feature caricatures…though, as kate says, deceptively delicious is about sneaking healthy stuff into kids’ foods, whereas hungry girl is about reducing the fat and calories in adult foods (it’s all common sense, but sometimes it’s nice to have everything handy in one place

    kate: healthy options are good, though i subscribe more to the “apple versus Snickers bar” type of option rather than “fat free non dairy creamer on my sugar free frozen yogurt sundae” option

    craig: and hopefully you feed them well!

    gina: who are the “other” hungry people?

    toystory: love to give it!

    katie m: we’re picking soon!

    anonymous: so do i.

  • Simply

    Ooh, that Hungry Girl book looks fantastic! That means you have to choose a girl right? :D

  • SunJun

    I’m not a girl either, but I suppose Hungry Girl would be useful in spoiling my sister or impressing that special someone.

  • taysha

    ooo foood

  • Barbara

    Geez, you have a lot of books to give away! :-)

  • sassysquirrel

    I am SOOOOO a Hungry Girl! Starving, actually!

  • Bunny B

    Great books! Thank you for the chance!

    bunnybox9 at gmail . com

  • Sonya

    I’ve been away, but I’m back and catching up! Perfect timing to relaunch and give me a chance to comment to win! Thanks, Sarah! And good luck with the relaunch!

  • Anonymous

    I can empathize with all of you beautiful young things. You do, after all, want to impress others.
    However, as a FSYT (former sexy young thing), I still want to feel good about myself…not necessarily to impress anyone else, but to lose enough to BREATHE! (Yeah, guys, it does SUCK to get old….and yeah, I used to be really hot…I did, though, have MY turn….and it was a good one.)
    I sincerely wish that you had a PLAN for the “ready to departs”. Think anything is on the horizon?

    Good luck to the rest of you! Carry on! LOL!

  • kelley Coughlan

    Hey gals, check out what I just found on they are giving away a copy of the book and a cool kitchen gadget from their collection.. here is the link:

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